The Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal

The Management Plan

The management plan for a national historic site identifies management measures and the general directions they should take in order to ensure that the long-term development of the site gives priority to its commemorative integrity (See p. 24, note 6). The Parks Canada Agency Act (1998) stipulates that a Management Plan should be reviewed every five years and updated if necessary. The plan must reflect Parks Canada's general policies, but it must also take into account viewpoints and suggestions provided by the public.

The Management Plan for Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue Canal National Historic Site is the outcome of a planning process undertaken in 1996; by the fall of 1997 planning had reach the point at which information about the target objectives could be presented to the public.

The consultations provided interested individuals and organizations with an opportunity to make their opinions known with respect to the directions proposed for the site. Through the comments and suggestions offered by regional spokespeople, Parks Canada gained fuller awareness of the viewpoints of the region's citizens with respect to presenting the site and was able to take these opinions into account in defining the final directions of the project.3

The present Management Plan sets out various management steps to be implemented over the course of the next five years, with the principal objective of ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site. The plan also presents a vision extending into the next 15 years and thus defines directions whose implementation cannot be contemplated at present but which may become feasible in future, when the requisite funding conditions and partnerships are in place.

Cover page, work being done on the edge of the canal
Cover's page photography: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal
© Parks Canada / neg. 160/00/1C-81-1935

3CANADIAN HERITAGE, PARKS CANADA, Carillon, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and Saint-Ours historic canals: report: Public Consultation programs, Québec, March 1998, 31 pages.

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