Although the most important measures described in the Management Plan are designed to ensure the commemorative integrity of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal National Historic Site of Canada, other measures are envisaged to bolster the canal’s through navigation role and foster better integration of the site with the surrounding urban environment. Ultimately, all of these measures should enrich the visit experience of users, be they pleasure boaters or shoreside visitors.

Implementing the strategic directions and management measures advocated in the Management Plan will require considerable financial resources. Since the site does not currently have the necessary capital budget, most of the projected measures cannot be implemented in the short term, and it will probably take several years before it obtains sufficient funding. While studying the problem of how to finance the proposed initiatives, Parks Canada will strive to enlist the financial support of partners and collaborators who share the values of the organization and its vision of the site’s future.

Over the coming years, the Western Quebec Field Unit, which is responsible for administering the canal, will endeavour as much as possible to implement some of the priority measures related to the goal of ensuring the site’s commemorative integrity, by using a portion of its own budget or concluding partnership agreements. The measures concerned are as follows:

  • Beginning the first phase of the work to preserve the engineering works associated with the canal (rebuilding the sides of the Becker Dam, the piers and the entrance caissons).
  • Undertaking studies to increase our knowledge about the site’s resources.
  • Completing the project to erect outdoor interpretation panels on the site.

Carrying out initiatives related to presenting the site’s cultural core as well as implementing other projects (improvement of areas used during the day, redesigning pedestrian access to the site, installing new mooring places, etc.) must be considered long-term efforts that will be completed once the necessary financial resources become available.

The Management Plan of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal National Historic Site of Canada is scheduled to be updated in 2009. All measures not taken by that time will be re-examined during the Management Plan’s next review. In the meantime, interested members of the general public may consult the Report of the State of Protected Heritage Areas, which is published every two years, to learn how the site is being affected by measures to ensure its commemorative integrity.

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