6. Summary of the Strategic Environmental Assessment

6.6 Cumulative Impacts

This strategic environmental assessment examined only cumulative impacts on resources considered significant in the environment. On the basis of the knowledge currently available on the environment of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal National Historic Site of Canada and of the interaction of the proposal with the site’s environment, the following measures are likely to boost the number of visitors to the site: consolidating access through two main entrances; installing new reception and interpretation facilities on the site; setting up a boardwalk along the lock; rebuilding the old superintendent’s house; and increasing the number of mooring pontoons. This growth in the number of visitors could have a negative impact on birdlife and fish as well as on the site’s ornamental vegetation. However, the anticipated impact might be relatively light owing to the prevailing urban context and limited presence of wildlife.

6.7 Mitigation Strategies

To counteract the negative impacts on natural resources that are likely to result from presenting Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal National Historic Site of Canada, every effort will be made to protect the vegetation in and around the area that would be affected by reconstruction, repair or presentation work. In addition, consolidating site use by shoreside visitors and pleasure boaters must take into account the effect of trampling on the vegetation’s natural regeneration.

Mitigation strategies for minimizing negative impacts on the site’s cultural resources have still not been defined. However, they should be established in implementing the Master Plan.

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