5. Presentation

5.4 Use Areas

With the exception of the new boardwalk, the upstream and downstream piers, along with the canal banks on the east shore, will remain atmospheric zones used essentially for “free” recreational activities, that is to say, non-organized activities, requiring no measures related to sports and competition, nor any substantial facilities or equipment. Non-intensive use of these areas will ensure the preservation of cultural resources and the general atmosphere that is created by grassed areas and enhanced by mature ornamental plants.

The main recreational activities include watching boats and lock operations, walking and relaxing. The canal banks, the central pier and downstream pier will continue to be used as picnic areas. The upstream pier will be used principally for walking and to gain access to the marina. On Parks Canada’s property, priority will continue to be given to pedestrians, and the facilities will provide easy access for the handicapped.

The upper end of the upstream pier and the west bank of the downstream pier could be made available for sports fishing. However, because of concerns about safety and compatible use, fishing will be prohibited from other banks and docks, as well as near the lock and in the canal.

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