5. Presentation

5.3 Navigable Way

In accordance with its present use, the canal will be used for pleasure boating, cruise ship trips and boating excursions, as well as for complementary purposes that are compatible with Parks Canada’s objectives and the character of the site.

In the context of presenting the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal, pleasure boating and other aquatic activities should be in keeping with the principles of managing cultural resources. Use of the canal should respect the integrity of existing structures and be compatible with their presentation, while meeting contemporary requirements for safety and efficiency.

The consolidation of the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal’s nautical function might eventually entail the addition of more pontoons that would offer day mooring for brief stopovers, as well as providing mooring for those staying overnight or for longer periods. The number of spaces for day mooring could be increased if pontoons were installed between the entrance caissons upstream from the lock. However, this project can be carried out only if the caissons are repaired beforehand and if partners become involved. As well, no decision should be taken until the future impact of the project on the surrounding environment has been assessed.

It might also be planned to allow an outside concern to rent out light recreational craft at the upstream end of the upper pier, from where boaters would have access to the Bay of Vaudreuil. However, the type of recreational craft rented should not cause a public nuisance or produce conflicts among the canal’s users. Personal watercraft rentals will not be permitted. Similarly, water skiing and swimming remain prohibited within the limits of the canal.

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