5. Presentation

5.2 Access and Visitor Reception

Considering the advantages of better integrating the canal with the existing urban landscape and making good use of the superintendent’s house, the presentation plan recommends that the two main points of entry to Parks Canada’s property at present should be consolidated; one of these access points is at the end of the municipal boardwalk, near the parking lot under the elevated lanes, while the other is near the old superintendent’s house.

The consolidation of these two access points would be accomplished mainly by identifying them with signage that gives the site greater visibility and better identifies it as a historic canal, while respecting the urban environment in which this signage is installed.

One of the projects that warrants consideration in the longer term consists in building a boardwalk along the lock and linking it with the municipal boardwalk, where Parks Canada’s property ends, to improve this access point, which is the one generally used by visitors.

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