4. Issues and Strategic Directions

4.2 Strategic Directions


The Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal N.H.S.C. at the Dawn of the 21st Century
Around the year 2020, the Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue Canal is a national historic site that is recognized and much frequented because of its heritage value and varied cultural, recreational and nautical functions, as well as its close relationship with the neighbouring urban environment.
The preservation and presentation of the resources related to the periods of canal building provide visitors with an opportunity to discover, appreciate and learn more about the role played by the canal in the waterway linking Montreal and Kingston via the Ottawa River and, at the same time, to grasp the canal's national historic significance.
The Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal's varied functions and the high quality of its facilities and programs make it a remarkable cultural and recreational site that adds considerably to the interest of the tourist attractions to be visited in the western part of the Island of Montreal. Visitors like coming to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue to stroll along the docks, admiring the many boats moored there, or enjoy the lively urban scene. Families can relax in the peaceful green spaces and on-lookers are frequently treated to the spectacle of locking operations. Numerous pleasure boats from every region of Quebec, as well as from outside the province, dock here for short visits or longer stays. People also visit Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue to go on boat excursions, so as to enjoy the lake's breezes and pass through the locks. As a historic canal associated with a boating destination, the site is of great interest, attracting the local and regional population, as well as tourists.
The partners involved in the site include various levels of the federal and provincial governments, the City of Montréal, private enterprises, local organizations and community groups. These parties form an interlocking network of partnerships focused on attaining shared goals. By working together and sharing various responsibilities, these partners reinforce the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal's links with its environment and enhance its attraction for the local and regional population, as well as for tourists. All the parties involved contribute to the harmonious management of the site to ensure that it is a place where culture, nature, recreation and city life can be enjoyed compatibly.

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