4. Issues and Strategic Directions

4.2 Strategic Directions

4.2.7 Site management and co-operation

Key considerations

Co-operation agreements and the creation of strategic alliances are vital avenues for Parks Canada, as it can no longer afford to fully finance the development and operation of canals.

Support for interpretation of the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal and for its associated functions will require the involvement of various partners and collaborators. The transfer of certain properties between the City of Montréal and Parks Canada will entail special agreements for developing the superintendent’s house and the marina. Opportunities for working with regional resource people and groups to boost the site’s reputation amongst Montréal’s tourism clientele are beginning to take shape.


  • Study all opportunities for collaborator co-operation aimed at managing and developing the site in accordance with Parks Canada objectives.
  • Consolidate existing collaborative agreements and create new ones.
  • Outline a framework for co-operation, establishing selection criteria for projects and partners as well as intervention criteria for partners on Parks Canada properties.
  • Support the development of new user-oriented products and services by making basic infrastructures available to interested collaborators in accordance with Parks Canada policies and directions.

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