5. Protection and Management of the Property

  1. Ownership
  2. Protective designation
  3. Means of implementing protective measures
  4. Existing plans related to municipality and region in which the proposed property is located
  5. Property Management Plan
  6. Sources and levels of finance
  7. Sources of expertise and training in conservation and management techniques
  8. Visitor facilities and statistics
  9. Policies and programmes related to the presentation and promotion of the property
  10. Staffing levels

F. Sources and levels of finance

Both the Parks Canada Agency and the Department of National Defence are funded through allocations of the Parliament of Canada, while the Province of Ontario provides funding for the presentation, visitor services and maintenance of Fort Henry. The annual allocated funds available for conservation are generally adequate for maintenance and small-scale repair work. Largescale projects require special funding. Examples of special funding include the conservation of Shoal Tower, Fort Henry, the Ottawa Reach walls and the Kingston Mills dams. The following table identifies the budget allocations and revenue for the Rideau Canal, Fort Henry and Fort Frederick. All figures are in thousands of dollars.

Revenue Salary Goods and services Capital
Rideau Canal 899.0 5 642.0 1790.0 * 2 154.0 *
Fort Henry 1 000.0 1 240.0 360.0 15 000.0 **
Fort Frederick 0 80 N/A N/A
* Includes costs for shoal, Murney and Cathcart Towers ** $15 000 000 has been allocated over four years from 2002 to 2006 to restore Fort Henry.