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Clowes Lockstation
Clowes Lockstation, showing the spillway dam and weir stretching across the river.
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70,5 km – 70,6 km

Clowes Lockstation is located on the north side of the Rideau River. The lock is built into the bank, creating a narrow island from which the stone arch spillway dam spans the river, creating a slackwater section between Clowes and Merrickville Lockstation.


Cultural Resources

One lock – A manually operated lock with a lift of 2,4 m, 1830. CRM1.

Stone arch spillway dam – A dam, 151 m long and 4,45 m high, 1830. CRM1.

Weir – A stoplog weir made of reinforced concrete with one bay, late 19th century. CRM2.

Defensible lockmaster’s house – A one-storey stone house, 1838, with a frame extension, 1890. CRM1.

The lower gates pinned open for the winter months
The lower gates pinned open for the winter months with the stoplog weir to the left.
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Clowes Lockstation to Merrickville Lockstation

70,6 km – 73,8 km

A 3,2-km slackwater section of river created by the construction of the spillway dam at Clowes Lockstation.

The slackwater section
The slackwater section from Clowes as it approaches Merrickville Lockstation.
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An elevated railway bridge
An elevated railway bridge crosses this wide slackwater section of the Rideau River.
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