1. Introduction
  2. Commemorative Integrity
  3. Vision and Guiding Principles
  4. Heritage Conservation
  5. Ecosystem Management
  6. Waterfront Land Use and Development
  7. Heritage Presentation
  8. Visitor Facilities and Services
  9. Heritage Tourism and Recreation
  10. Administration and Operations
  11. Water Management
  12. Ongoing Partnership and Public Involvement
  13. Summary of the Environmental Assessment
  14. Plan Implementation

Appendix A: Commemorative Integrity Statement

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose and Definition of Commemorative Integrity
  3. Statement of Commemorative Intent
  4. Historic and Geographic Context
  5. The Designated Place
  6. In Situ Resources
  7. Moveable Resources
  8. Messages of National Significance
  9. Level Two In Situ Resources
  10. Level Two Moveable Resources
  11. The Natural Environment of the Rideau Canal Corridor
  12. Heritage Messages Are Communicated to the Public

Appendix B: Implementation of the 1996 Rideau Canal Management Plan

Appendix C: Rideau Waterway Canadian Heritage River Nomination Document Summary of Values

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