Long Description - Strategic Outcome and Program Activity Architecture

This is a graphic of Parks Canada's Strategic Outcome and Program Activity Architecture.

Parks Canada has one strategic outcome as follows: Canadians have a strong sense of connection, through meaningful experiences, to their national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas and these protected places are enjoyed in ways that leave them unimpaired for present and future generations.

Linked to this strategic outcome are six program activities and their related sub, and sub sub activities.

Program Activity 1 is Heritage Places Establishment. There are 4 sub activities: National Park Establishment and Expansion, National Historic Site Designations, National Marine Conservation Area Establishment, and Other Heritage Places Designations.

Program Activity 2 is Heritage Resources Conservation. There are 4 sub activities: National Parks Conservation, National Historic Sites Conservation, National Marine Conservation Areas Sustainability, and Other Heritage Places Conservation. Under National Parks Conservation there is one sub sub activity: Species at Risk. Under Other Heritage Places Conservation, there is one sub sub activity: National Historic Sites Cost-Sharing.

Program Activity 3 is Public Appreciation and Understanding. There are 2 sub activities: Public Outreach Education and External Communications, and Stakeholder and Partner Engagement.

Program Activity 4 is Visitor Experience. There are 7 sub activities: Market Research and Promotion, National Parks Interpretation, National Parks Visitor Service Offer, National Historic Sites Interpretation, National Historic Sites Visitor Service Offer, National Marine Conservation Areas Interpretation, and finally National Marine Conservation Areas Visitor Service Offer. Under National Parks Visitor Service Offer, there is one sub sub activity: Visitor Safety.

Program Activity 5 is Townsite and Throughway Infrastructure. There are 3 sub activities: Townsite Management, Through Highway Management, and Through Waterway Management.

Program Activity 6 is Internal Services. There are 3 sub activities: Governance and Management Support, Resource Management Services, and Asset Management Services. Under Governance and Management Support, there are 3 sub sub activities: Management and Oversight, Communications, and Legal. Under Resource Management Services, there are 5 sub sub activities: Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Travel and Other Administrative Services. Under Asset Management Services, there are 3 sub sub activities: Real Property, Materiel, and Acquisition. The internal services activities apply to all federal government departments and agencies.

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