Long Description - Expenses by Program Activity

This pie chart shows Expenses by Program Activity for the fiscal year 2011-12. In decreasing order, expenses for Visitor Experience are the highest at 33.4% or $245.7 million; expenses for Heritage Resources Conservation are 22.3% or about $163.9 million; expenses for Internal Services are 12.7% or about $93.6 million; expenses for Public Appreciation and Understanding are 8.1% or about $59.5 million; expenses for Townsite and Throughway Infrastructure are 6.4% or about $46.6 million; and, expenses for Heritage Places Establishment are 2% or about $14.6 million. Also shown on this chart are the expenses for Amortization of tangible assets at 13.9% or about $101.9 million; and, for Transferred operations at 1.2% or about $9 million.

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