2.0 Rivers Under Parks Canada Jurisdiction

Parks Canada will nominate as Canadian Heritage Rivers, rivers under its own jurisdiction which, according to its own framework plans, represent the natural and cultural heritage of Canada's rivers.

Management plans for national parks or other areas under Parks Canada jurisdiction in which designated Canadian Heritage Rivers are located will be prepared according to the National Parks Policy. These plans will contain specific reference to the management of these rivers according to CHRS objectives, and will be lodged with the Board to fulfill the requirements for designation of rivers to the CHRS.

Parks Canada will demonstrate leadership by managing designated Canadian Heritage Rivers located in national parks and other areas under its jurisdiction according to CHRS objectives, resource management objectives, and other relevant federal government policies.

Parks Canada will monitor the condition of its Canadian Heritage Rivers and will report as required to the Board on their condition.

Parks Canada will work with neighbouring jurisdictions and appropriate agencies to protect the upstream watersheds of its Canadian Heritage Rivers.

Parks Canada will assume the cost of public information programs for Canadian Heritage Rivers under its own jurisdiction.