6.0 Land Tenure and Residency

Although there is limited application in new national parks, tenure and residency provisions apply across the system as described below.

6.1 Land Tenure

Limited tenure may be granted on national park lands in the form of permits, leases, or licences of occupation for the provision of essential services and facilities for park visitors and for authorized residential uses.

Upon the expiry of a lease, licence, or permit of occupation, where not already provided in an existing agreement, a replacement instrument may be negotiated if the purpose is supported by the park management plan; if the holder has complied with the terms and conditions of the expiring agreement; and if the granting of a replacement agreement is consistent with federal government policy on fair access.

Parks Canada will acquire leasehold interests in national parks where a park management plan identifies that the leasehold lands or facilities are required for public purposes.

6.2 Residency

Persons who have established a need to reside in a national park as defined in regulations will be entitled to acquire the appropriate instrument of tenure for as long as the need to reside status is maintained.

Residents of national parks will live in park communities or on the sites of their work stations.

Condominium ownership of private accommodation will be allowed for those who have established a need to reside in park communities as defined in regulations.