The Parks Canada Western Arctic Field Unit

The national parks of Parks Canada’s Western Arctic Field Unit include Aulavik, Ivvavik and Tuktut Nogait National Parks. These parks span some of the most spectacular and ecologically significant areas of the western Arctic, offering a vast range of unparalleled film and photographic opportunities. In the interest of protecting the park’s resources while ensuring that visitor experiences and the rights of land claim beneficiaries are not affected, commercial filming and photographic activities are subject to certain restrictions and special considerations.

To carry out commercial filming or photography in the national parks of the western Arctic, an application must be submitted to Parks Canada a minimum of 4 months prior to activities. If approved, a Film/Photography Permit will be issued which outlines conditions and supplementary requirements associated with the production. The following information will assist in the preparation of a film/photography application.

Through the application process, Parks Canada can provide you with:

  • Details on park regulations, conditions and requirements

    All film /photography activities must comply with National Park Regulations, policies and conditions and film crews must obtain a landing permit for aircraft access to the parks.

  • Advice about the environmental impact assessment required under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), and other potential environmental assessments

    Commercial Filming and Photography can potentially trigger other environmental assessment processes: the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA), and the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Assessment Act (MVEAA).

  • Consultation and advice on film/photography opportunities and locations

    Locations must be determined prior to a permit being issued.

  • A liaison for the three national parks of the western Arctic

    One application and Film/Photography Permit can cover multiple national parks.

  • Assistance with interviews with park staff, traditional users and specialists

    Interviews may be available depending on scope of project and availability of staff.