The legacy of the people and events that define us as Canadians are written across this vast land in the places where our history occurred and continues to happen.

A century ago, the young Dominion of Canada began to protect its history when Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, was declared of national historic importance. Today, visitors continue to walk in the footsteps of history at this site which witnessed centuries of turbulent encounters between cultures.

Embodying the bold, diverse and inspiring stories of our collective past, Canada’s living system of more than 970 National Historic Sites welcomes you to come and connect with the heart and soul of this remarkable country.

Our history is never far. Find a national historic site near you.

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Come take a cross-country journey and explore some of the amazing experiences you can enjoy at national historic sites. With Canada 150 and 100 years of national historic sites both being celebrated in 2017, this is the perfect time to discover more about Canada's history.