The Right Honourable Louis Stephen St. Laurent

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The Right Honourable Louis Stephen St. Laurent - Photograph of his grave site
Born on February 1, 1882, Compton, Quebec
Died on July 25, 1973, Québec, Quebec
Buried at Saint Thomas d'Aquin Cemetery, Compton, Quebec

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The Right Honourable Louis Stephen St. Laurent
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Recruited into politics during the crisis of the Second World War, Louis St. Laurent seemed almost above party politics as he administered Canada in the prosperous 1950s.

Born in Quebec's eastern townships, Louis St. Laurent practised law in the city of Québec and became one of the country's most respected counsels. Needing strong ministers from Quebec, Prime Minister King recruited St. Laurent to his cabinet in 1941, then supported his selection as the new Liberal leader and prime minister in 1948. St. Laurent led his party to victory in the general elections of 1949 and 1953.

St. Laurent's cabinet team oversaw Canada's expanding international role in the postwar world, welcomed Newfoundland into Confederation, and established new social and industrial policies. By 1957, however, both the prime minister and his government began to appear worn-out. The Liberals lost the general election that year, and St. Laurent soon retired.

Louis Stephen St. Laurent died at Québec in 1973 and was buried in Compton, Quebec, his birthplace.

Address of cemetery: Chemin de Hatley, Compton, QC

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