The Right Honourable Arthur Meighen

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The Right Honourable Arthur Meighen - Photograph of his grave site
Born on June 16, 1874, Anderson, Ontario
Died on August 5, 1960, Toronto, Ontario
Buried at St. Marys Cemetery, St. Marys, Ontario
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The Right Honourable Arthur Meighen
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Arthur Meighen, Canada's ninth prime minister, was gifted with a strong intellect and sharp debating skills. He served two short periods as prime minister, first in 1920-21, and then in 1926.

Raised in Ontario, Meighen pros- pered in legal practice in Manitoba. He was elected to Parliament in 1908 and joined Sir Robert Borden's cabinet in 1913. Meighen quickly became invaluable to the Conservative government. He developed complex wartime policies and was relentless in debate with the government's critics. In 1920, he succeeded Borden as prime minister, but his party lost the general election of 1921.

After the election of 1925, no party held a clear majority, and Prime Minister King's government fell in mid-1926. Meighen and his party formed a government, but they were swept from power in the election that soon followed. Meighen resigned as Conservative Party leader. He later served in the Senate and made a brief return to elective politics in 1942.

Arthur Meighen died in Toronto in 1960 and was buried in St. Marys, near his southern Ontario birthplace.

Address of cemetery: 150 Cain St., St. Marys, ON

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