Commemorative plaque for Canadians' contributions to Korean war
Commemorative plaque - Canadians in the Korean War National Historic Event

Canadians in the Korean War was designated a national historic event in June 2000.

Historical importance: Contributed to the reestablishment of international peace and national security in the region.

Commemorative plaque: United Nations Memorial Cemetery 

Between 1950 and 1953, Canada participated in the Korean War as part of a United Nations multinational force to protect South Korea from invasion by North Korea. When considered in proportion to the population of the country, Canadas army, navy and air force formed one of the largest contingents of the United Nations forces. Some 27,000 Canadians left behind the comforts of home in the interests of peace and security in a region far removed from their own country. Five hundred and sixteen of them gave their lives in the name of this noble cause. Recognized for their military skills and the recipients of many military decorations, these valiant Canadians embodied their countrys commitment to safeguard the fundamental principles of the United Nations.




Historic photo of Canadians walking in line during Korean war
Canadians in the Korean War
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Three tanks in Korean landscape
Sherman Tanks in Korea
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Soldiers on a hill in a Korean landscape
Little Gibraltar (Hill 355), Korea
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