Do you like challenges? Using snorkeling equipment, head down and explore the cold waters of the St. Lawrence River. After a visit to the diving base, slip into a cozy thermal wetsuit, flippers and a snorkel. Get ready, take a deep breath, submerge yourself and watch out for an incredible diversity of marine animal life on the other side of your mask that will give you a real eyeful!

It is recommended to experience Nordic snorkeling when the tide is low, to improve the quality of observation of animals and plants that inhabit the seabed. You can do it at other times of the day during the opening hours of the Marine Environment Discovery Center.

SAFETY NOTICE: Underwater diving is a risky activity. For your safety, Parks Canada and the Quebec Federation of Underwater Activities (FQAS) invite you to respect the following rules:

  • It is compulsory to register at the dive base before the dive and out of the water
  • It is mandatory to be at least two people to practice this activity
  • Due to the diving conditions, any diver must be aged 14 or over

The Quebec Federation of Underwater Activities may prohibit the practice of snorkeling at any time due to bad weather. 

Learn more on water safety

*Rental equipment includes thermal wetsuit, boots, gloves, mask, snorkel, fins and Fox whistle. Snorkeling is necessarily done without the weight belt.