From the rocks at Cap de Bon-Désir, you can observe up to 13 species of whales, including the endangered St. Lawrence beluga. There, right in front of you, you could even see a blue whale, the largest marine mammal that has ever existed on the planet. Enjoy a timeless moment and guaranteed thrills.

The St. Lawrence Estuary mixes fresh water from the River and salt water from the Gulf. The characteristics of the Estuary make it a rich environment harbouring a wide variety of life forms. Cap de Bon-Désir is a unique spot to learn about navigation on the St. Lawrence and the diversity of marine life.

Offering a natural platform for observing marine mammals, the site also provides visitors the opportunity of participating in interpretation activities. Accompanied by interpreters, head off to discover the shoreline or, better yet, let the naturalist-divers bring up mysterious animals living at the bottom of the Estuary. Listen to accounts of the history of the lighthouse and of its residents, and discover the evolution of navigation on the St. Lawrence over the years.