The Cap de Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre is a must-see along the Whale Route. Come experience a unique marine mammal sighting. Whales and seals sometimes come very close to shore. Bring along a picnic, warm clothing and binoculars. And keep your eyes peeled! Fun and discovery for all!

Visiting with Young Children? Explore with Club Parka!

With the Club Parka booklet kids can explore, learn and have fun! The booklets are available on site. With the Photo Missions App, kids are invited to help Parka and Chirp find and photograph specific items found at our place! Download the app for free before visiting. Once one or both activities are completed, they will receive a reward!

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  • A guide interpreter holds a starfish while a young girl touches it carefully with her fingers.

    We’re off to discover marine animals!

    What animals are hiding along the seashore? Search for crustaceans, molluscs and intriguing algae in the company of an interpreter guide. You’re intrigued by the underwater world? Satisfy your curiosity by discovering the animals captured by divers.

  • A pair of fin whales are observed by visitors on the rocks of Cap-de-Bon-Désir.

    Whale watching from the shore

    You're gazing out at the horizon when you hear a loud "pshhh!", nearby. It’s…A WHALE! It’s an all-time high as everybody reaches for their cameras to immortalize the moment. That image will be forever engraved in your memory.

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