By Petri Bailey

Last year, the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) team began delivering dedicated interpretive programs, exploring topics like invasive species, birds of prey and geology. And yet there were so many more Lake Superior stories waiting to be told. Someway, somehow, we needed to showcase those stories. Presenting: The #WeLoveSuperior Series!

Launched in 2018, the #WeLoveSuperior is a chance for Canadians to learn about Lake Superior’s history, culture, ecology and more from local experts and knowledge holders.

For example, in December, before a packed room at Lakehead University, Thunder Country Diving’s Wally Peterson and Michelle Willows revealed the misadventures of the shipwrecks NEEBING, RAPPAHANNOCK and ONTARIO. In March, Lake Superior NMCA’s very own Colin Crowell taught participants how to compose the perfect shot in low-light conditions during a hands-on night sky photography workshop at the Nipigon Marina. The picture accompanying this article was taken by SandraHeyder-Miecznikowski, one of the participants. And in April, we worked with Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior and geologist Mark Puumala to introduce visitors to Porphyry Island’s volcanic beginnings. The #WeLoveSuperior Series offers an awesome opportunity to explore meaningful topics and to build relationships with experts in their respective Lake Superior-related fields.

Is there a topic you want Lake Superior NMCA to explore in the series? Maybe you, or someone you know, can deliver an evocative presentation about Lake Superior. If so, we want to hear from you! We’re looking for presenters who can foster appreciation for Lake Superior’s natural and cultural history. Presenters can share their knowledge through storytelling, a guided walk or a traditional presentation – as long as it’s engaging! Please contact Petri Bailey for more information.

This program is now at the fingertips of Canadians across the country on our Facebook page, and our followers can ask presenters questions about upcoming topic simply by using the hashtag #WeLoveSuperior. The answers to these questions will be posted after each event here.

Do you love Superior, too?