Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up – June 2019

Join Parks Canada staff at the annual Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up at Lake Superior NMCA! Join volunteers across the country to help clean-up a Lake Superior shoreline. You can learn more about the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up at


International Coastal Clean-up – September 21, 2019

What do an oil drum, a water gun, and nurdles all have in common? They were all found at previous years’ International Coastal Clean-up! Join Parks Canada staff to help clean-up the shoreline of our Great Lake! Be a part of the international event that is happening all across the world! Please wear sturdy shoes and bring your own work gloves and re-useable bag. Learn more about the worldwide event at


#WeLoveSuperior Series

Ready, set, dive!

Take the plunge into Lake Superior’s natural and cultural heritage. Parks Canada is proud to present the #WeLoveSuperior Series where each month local experts share their knowledge about unique features of our Great Lake. Archaeologists, historians, surfers and wildlife biologists have delivered immersive presentations in different communities all across the North Shore! Check out upcoming presentations here.

Got a question for our upcoming presenter? Follow us on Facebook (@LakeSuperiorNMCA) or Twitter (@LkSuperiorNMCA) and use the hashtag #WeLoveSuperior to ask us your questions about our upcoming topic. We’ll bring selected questions to our presenter and post their answers shortly after the event! You can find those answers here, on our facebook page.

Do you know someone who can deliver an ovation-rousing, crowd-pleasing, knock-your-socks-off presentation about Lake Superior? Trust us, we want to hear from you!

For more information, contact Petri Bailey at / 705-465-0158.

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