It is important to Parks Canada to manage commercial activity and growth in a responsible and sustainable way.  The significant increase in visitation to Fathom Five National Marine Park in recent years has resulted in corresponding growth in commercial interest for new and expanded tour operations in the park.

Future vision

Innovative and meaningful experiences are available to visitors of Fathom Five; where private business continue to play an essential role in providing these exceptional services to Canadians; where visitors experience this gem on the Great Lakes in a way that does no harm to its natural and cultural treasures; and where sustainable tourism fuels the local economy into the future.

Parks Canada wants to ensure the Canadian public has a fair and equitable opportunity to compete for business opportunities, in line with Government of Canada policies. Parks Canada launched a Request for Proposals (RFP) for visitor experience opportunities in Fathom Five.  The RFP outlines the types, locations and scope of tourism experiences that could be offered throughout the marine park and invites private businesses to submit proposals for providing these experiences.

Parks Canada recognizes the important economic opportunities that visitation to Fathom Five brings to residents and economy of the Tobermory community. Parks Canada has met with business operators on a number of occasions to engage and inform them about the RFP process and to gain input from the business community to ensure smooth implementation of the RFP process.  

The information provided to business operators regarding the process is shared on this site.

Business community meeting, December 13, 2019
Business community meeting, February 14, 2020
Consultation report