Updates to the 1994 national marine conservation areas (NMCA) policy are needed so that it aligns with the Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act (CNMCAA, 2002).

The updates will also reflect the experience Parks Canada has gained through collaborating with others over more than 20 years of establishing and managing NMCAs. Regulations under the Act also need to be developed to further aid managers of NMCAs to effectively meet management objectives.

Consultation documents and reports

Between May 8 and July 10, 2019, a public consultation was held on proposed changes to the policy framework and the development of regulations for national marine conservation areas.

  • What we heard July 2020
    A summary of the feedback received through the consultation process.
  • Discussion paper May 2019
    Highlights the proposed changes to the NMCA policy and potential areas for new regulations for Parks Canada’s NMCA program.

Next steps

The policy for NMCAs will be updated and the formal process of developing regulations under the Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act will begin.

The creation of new regulations will include a public consultation component that will follow the rules and requirements of the Government of Canada's overarching regulatory policy framework.

Once regulations have been developed, they will apply to all NMCAs designated under the Act.

How to reach us

Email: pc.parlonsamnc-letstalknmcas.pc@canada.ca