National marine conservation areas ( NMCAs ) aim to balance protection, conservation, and ecologically sustainable use. This results in a range of potential benefits for coastal communities, Aboriginal peoples, resource users, the general public, and the marine ecosystem itself.

A national marine conservation area reserve in the southern Strait of Georgia could support a viable and ecologically sound commerce and enhance its international reputation as a tourism destination. It would do this through maintaining high water quality, conserving marine biodiversity and habitat, and protecting rare and endangered species.

Potential benefits of National Marine Conservation Areas include:

Protection and Conservation:

The turbulent waters around Boiling Reef are home to an abundance of marine life The turbulent waters around Boiling Reef are home to an abundance of marine life.

The diversity of life in the sea depends on a healthy marine ecosystem. NMCAs are managed to conserve native species, protect water quality, safeguard important habitat, and allow ecosystems to function as nature intended.

Fishery Resources:

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Parks Canada and its partner agencies work together in an NMCA to build an ecologically sustainable future for all forms of marine life, and to support a sustainable commercial and sport fishery.

Recreation and Tourism:

An NMCA could help to enhance opportunities for outdoor recreation and tourism today and for future visitors.

Heritage Presentation and Education:

An NMCA creates opportunities for local communities, all Canadians, and visitors to explore the area's rich marine heritage through interpretative and educational programs.

Sidney Harbour is a popular destination Sidney Harbour is a popular destination

Scientific Research and the Sharing of Traditional Knowledge:

Scientific research in NMCAs can increase our knowledge about marine species and their ecosystems, and provide opportunities for sharing traditional knowledge.

Social and Economic Benefits:

Healthy coastal communities rely on healthy marine ecosystems. NMCAs contribute to diverse and stable economic opportunities for coastal communities.

Improved Opportunities for Local Involvement:

An NMCA can provide an efficient means of fostering collaboration among all levels of government, Aboriginal people, stakeholders and the public.