How much does an unforgettable moment cost?
Less than you might think.

All revenues from fees at national parks and national historic sites and national marine conservation areas are reinvested at the location where they are collected for new services and products and such purposes as maintenance, repairs or replacement of aging visitor facilities as well as to enhancing visitor experiences. Prices are set to ensure a good value to visitors as well as a fair economic return for taxpayers based on market value and rates.

Fee adjustments

On January 1, 2020, visitors will see a minor adjustment of 2.2% on many Parks Canada fees.

The Agency recently assessed the current service level offered at Parks Canada places. Through this review, 21 sites were reclassified, and their admission fees will be adjusted. Learn more about these adjustments

Here is the entire list of approved fees, as published in the Canada Gazette. (PDF, 1.17 Mb)