Chief Executive Officer of Parks Canada Agency
Mr. Daniel Watson

Welcome to the Parks Canada Agency Web site. In keeping with our mission of protecting and presenting the precious natural and cultural treasures of Canada, we designed this site with you in mind. Here, you will discover a vast array of useful information to broaden your knowledge and appreciation of Canada's outstanding places and to help you experience them fully.

As the Parks Canada Charter stipulates, we are the guardians of Canada's cultural and natural heritage. In this Web site, you will discover the splendour of the national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas under our custodianship.

We are guides and, as such, we encourage you to journey with us to the most significant moments of our history, to visit those special places that witnessed them, and to learn about the special features that make them deserving of inclusion in the family of Canada's protected areas.

We are also endeavouring to present the rich tradition of our partners, Indigenous peoples and ethnocultural communities, as well as the accomplishments of the many Canadians who shaped our country.

Finally, we are storytellers, and this role is expressed in the exploits and anecdotes you will find during your virtual visit.

We will continue to improve this Web site in order to provide you with information about Parks Canada and to fulfill your needs. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with your comments, suggestions or questions.

We hope that you will find all the information for which you are searching, and that you make interesting discoveries as you take time to admire our national treasures

Daniel Watson