Volunteering at a national park, historic site, or marine conservation area is a special way to experience the spectacular beauty and interesting history of Canada. Opportunities are limited, but we welcome you to join us and hope we may offer you to chance to experience the essence of Canada!

Please review the Important considerations before submitting your request. It is important to note that Parks Canada does not offer financial support for travelling to Canada and accommodation once in Canada.

Then follow the steps outlined in the How to Become a Volunteer section.


If there is an opportunity for you as a Parks Canada volunteer, you may require a visa or other permit. We will assist you as much as we are able, but ensuring you meet the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is ultimately your responsibility. Please check directly with that department for up-to-date information about your obligations.

You may also consider contacting voluntourism organizations that specialize in facilitating volunteering overseas. A few of them have opportunities in Canada.