As a volunteer, you are not paid a daily salary, stipend or honorarium.

You are responsible for all expenses involved in travelling to and from the park, site or marine conservation area where you are volunteering. There are a few exceptions (eg. remote access parks). Please contact the location(s) of interest for details.

On-site or nearby accommodations are very limited. If you need somewhere to stay, please contact the location(s) of interest to determine what options may exist.

If you travel while participating in your volunteer experience, any food, transportation or accommodation expenses may be covered according to Treasury Board of Canada guidelines.


The ability to communicate in French is necessary if you wish to volunteer in Québec. It is also a valuable asset in other areas of Canada.

For the safety of all involved, you must be able to understand and communicate in either English or French.


Your safety is our highest priority. All volunteers will be provided with the necessary safety training and equipment.