Strengthening engagement and relationships with Indigenous peoples in Parks Canada heritage places

This guide was prepared by the Indigenous Affairs Branch in collaboration with members of the Parks Canada team.  It helps support and strengthen engagement and relationship building with Indigenous peoples and encourages the development of positive and respectful relationships.

The stories from the field and lessons from the field presented in the document give examples on how to improve and expand Indigenous engagement activities and relationship building.

One of the objectives of this document is to provide a more consistent approach for Indigenous engagement and relationship building across the spectrum of Parks Canada heritage places in order to establish strong, sustainable and respectful relationships with the more than 300 Indigenous communities we call partners.

As a national and international leader in the management of heritage places in collaboration with Indigenous peoples of this country, Parks Canada believes that:

  • Indigenous people must have access to places where they can continue to practice traditional activities and transmit their knowledge to the younger generation and to Parks Canada team members.

The Agency is confident that:

  • stronger relationships will lead to better heritage place management and to healthier Indigenous communities.

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