Trail Condition Report

Riding Mountain National Park of Canada

Updated: June-17-19

*** Visitors are welcome to visit and enjoy the park, but please be prepared! ***

PLEASE PLAN CAREFULLY. Be aware that cell phone coverage is not reliable in the Park. Make sure that you tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Check weather forecast and dress appropriately, be prepared for possible weather changes even on short trips. Know your own skill level and pick your activity accordingly.

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*** PARKS EMERGENCY LINE: 1-877-852-3100 ***


Trail difficulty levels

Easy - Suitable for all visitors including those with no trail experience. Little or no elevation gain or loss.

Moderate - Suitable for most visitors who have some basic trail experience and are generally prepared (proper equipment and water). May experience moderate elevation gain with some short steep sections.

Difficult - Suitable for visitors who have trail experience and are prepared (proper equipment and water). May experience major elevation gain with long steep sections.

Wasagaming & Clear Lake

Easy Moderate Difficult
Condition Comments
Arrowhead, 3.4km Good Spring conditions
Brûlé, 4.2km Good Spring conditions
Clear Lake North Shore, 9km Good / Fair Spring conditions
Clear Lake South Shore, 7.1km Good Spring conditions
Cowan Lake, 3.3km Good / Fair Wet and muddy sections.
Grey Owl, 8.9km Good / Fair Wet and muddy sections.
Kinosao, 3.9km Good / Fair Wet and muddy sections.
Lakeshore Walk, 5km Good Spring conditions
Ominnik Marsh, 1km Fair / Poor Boardwalk is damaged. Proceed with caution.
South Lake, 3.4km Good Spring conditions
Wasagaming, 5.5km Good / Excellent Spring conditions
West Side and Lake Audy

Easy Moderate Difficult
Condition Comments
Baldy Lake, 10km Good / Fair Spring conditions
Central, 65km Good / Excellent Spring conditions
Grasshopper Valley, 17.2km loop Good / Fair Spring conditions
Gunn Lake, 1.9km Good Spring conditions
Long Lake, 13.8km Good Spring conditions
Strathclair, 22km Good / Excellent Spring conditions
Sugarloaf, 8km Good / Fair Spring conditions
Tilson Lake, 35.6km Good Wet and muddy sections.
Riding Mountain Parkway

Easy Moderate Difficult
Condition Comments
Ochre River, 16.5km Good Spring conditions
Bead Lakes, 4km loop Good Spring conditions
Boreal, 1km loop Good Spring conditions
Moon Lake, 9.2km loop Good Spring conditions
Kippan's Mill, 1.2km Good Spring conditions
Crawford Creek, 5km Good Spring conditions
Beach Ridges, 3.5km loop Good Spring conditions
East Side Escarpment

Easy Moderate Difficult
Condition Comments
Oak Ridge 3.0km or 6.4km loop Good Spring conditions
Burls and Bittersweet 2.2km Good Spring conditions
Gorge Creek, 6.4km Good / Fair Wet and muddy sections.
Bald Hill, 9.5km Good Spring conditions
J.E.T., 7.8km Good Spring conditions
North Escarpment, 8.3km Good Spring conditions
Reeve’s Ravine 9.5 km Good / Fair Wet and muddy sections.
Scott Creek, 1.6km Good Spring conditions
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