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Arvia'juaq and Qikiqtaarjuk National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Qikiqtarjuac, Sentry Island, Nunavut Inuit summer occupation sites with rich history and surviving in situ resources
Mining National Historic Event (NHE) Multiple plaque locations, N/A One of Canada's most important industries
Belcourt, Reverend Georges-Antoine National Historic Person (NHP) Rustico, Prince Edward Island Roman Catholic missionary at Red River (1831-58), founded Farmers' Bank of Rustico, Prince Edward Island
Victoria Memorial Museum National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Ottawa, Ontario Early national museum in Castellated Gothic Revival design, 1905-11
Wrong, George MacKinnon National Historic Person (NHP) St. Thomas, Ontario First professor of Modern History at University of Toronto (1895)
British Block Cairn National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Suffield, Alberta Important example of Niitsitapi cultural heritage on the western Canadian plains; one of the best examples of a most striking site type: a large boulder cairn
Partridge Island Light Tower (FHB) Saint John, New Brunswick