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Federal Building (FHB) Lethbridge, Alberta
The Former Lamaque Mine and the Bourlamaque Mining Village National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Val-d’Or, Quebec Covering an area of 22 hectares, Bourlamaque Mining Village is an example of a planned industrial town, and traces of its past as a company town are still evident. Planned in 1935, the layout is efficient and orderly, comprised of a grid two long avenues
St. Andrews Caméré Curtain Bridge Dam National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Lockport, Manitoba Largest of its type in world, 1907-10
Fort William National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Thunder Bay, Ontario Site of North West Company post, 1803
Lighthouse (FHB) Amherstburg, Ontario
Module Train B (FHB) Hall Beach, Nunavut
Bloody Falls National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Kugluktuk, Nunavut Pre-contact hunting and fishing sites; records the presence of Pre-Dorset, Thule, First Nation and Inuit cultures over the past three millennia
Kekerten Island Whaling Station National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Kekerten Island, Nunavut One of the most important and long lasting Aboriginal and European whaling stations and vessel-wintering sites in Cumberland Sound