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Fauteux, Ægidius National Historic Person (NHP) Montreal, Quebec Librarian and historian at the Bibliothèque St. Sulpice, Montréal (1912-31)
Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site of Canada (NHS) Ville-Marie, Quebec Remains of French fur trading post
Accommodation (Vessel) National Historic Event (NHE) Montréal, Quebec First Steamship in Canada (Montréal-Québec 1809)
Elevator 5, Annex (FHB) Montréal, Quebec
Elevator 5 B1 (FHB) Montréal, Quebec
Elevator 5 B (FHB) Montréal, Quebec
Meetings of Parliament National Historic Event (NHE) Ottawa, Ontario National museum building was seat of parliament, 1916-19
First Military Test Flights National Historic Event (NHE) Petawawa, Ontario Military demonstration of aircraft flight in 1909
Red Fife Wheat National Historic Event (NHE) Keene, Ontario Early maturing, high quality spring wheat discovered in 1842