Isapo-Muxika (Isapó'ó'mahsika - Chief Crowfoot) National Historic Person

Gleichen, Alberta
"Crowfoot", Chief of the Blackfeet Indians. © O.B. Buell / Library and Archives Canada | Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / C-001871Sapomaxiko, Chief Crowfoot, Quebec City, QC, about 1885 © Livernois / Musée McCord Museum / MP-1985.65.1Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada Plaque © Parks Canada / Parcs Canada
Address : Wheatland County, Gleichen, Alberta

Recognition Statute: Historic Sites and Monuments Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. H-4)
Designation Date: 1945-05-16
Life Date: 1830 to 1890

Other Name(s):
  • Isapo-Muxika (Isapó'ó'mahsika - Chief Crowfoot)  (Designation Name)

Importance: Blackfoot chief, diplomat, established peace with the Plains Cree


Existing plaque:  Gleichen, Alberta

The great warrior, orator and peacemaker who won the title manistokos, "Father of his people", was born a Blood, but became a leading chief of the Blackfoot among whom he was raised. Convinced that peace best served the Blackfoot interest, he promoted inter-tribal amity, adopting the Cree, Poundmaker, as his son. He persuaded the Blackfoot to sign Treaty No.7 in 1877 and held them aloof from the rebellion of 1885, pursuing a policy of wary cooperation with the white authorities during the difficult transition to reservation life.