Boss, Jim National Historic Person

Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory
Address : Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory

Recognition Statute: Historic Sites and Monuments Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. H-4)
Designation Date: 2001-04-27
Life Date: 1871 to 1950

Other Name(s):
  • Boss, Jim  (Designation Name)
  • Kashxoot, Kishwoot  (Other Name)
Research Report Number: 2000-031, 2007-086

Importance: Provided guidance and inspiration to the Yukon's First Nations in their struggle for survival


Existing plaque: Near his cabin and cache in Ta'an Village Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory

Chief Jim Boss, of the Ta'an Kwäch'än First Nation, was one of the first Yukon Aboriginal leaders to recognize the importance of preserving the land and its resources for his people. He is remembered for having initiated the first Yukon land claim in the year 1902. His leadership allowed the First Nations from the southern region of the Yukon to make the transition from a traditional way of life to a Euro-Canadian economy. Throughout his lifetime, Chief Jim Boss was an influential and outspoken leader whose insight helped guide the Yukon First Nations.