Lachine Massacre National Historic Event

Lachine, Quebec
Lachine Massacre (© Parks Canada)
Lachine Massacre
(© Parks Canada)
Address : facing 1200 Saint-Joseph Boulevard, Lachine, Quebec

Recognition Statute: Historic Sites and Monuments Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. H-4)
Designation Date: 1923-05-25

Other Name(s):
  • Lachine Massacre  (Designation Name)

Importance: Killing of 200 settlers by 1500 Iroquois in 1689


Existing plaque:  facing 1200 Saint-Joseph Boulevard, Lachine, Quebec

During the night of the 4-5 August 1689, fifteen hundred Iroquois landed at Lachine and placed themselves in small groups near all the houses along the shore. At a given signal the massacre began; two hundred persons perished and one hundred and twenty were taken into captivity. The year 1689 was long known as "The year of the massacre".