Starr Manufacturing Company National Historic Event

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Address : 62-68 Prince Albert Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Recognition Statute: Historic Sites and Monuments Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. H-4)
Designation Date: 2007-06-08

Other Name(s):
  • Starr Manufacturing Company  (Designation Name)
Research Report Number: 2005-067

Importance: One of the pre-eminent ice skate manufacturers in the world


Existing plaque:  62-68 Prince Albert Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Renowned for innovation and quality, Starr was a pre-eminent ice skate maker for three-quarters of a century. Its Acme Spring Skate, patented in the 1860s by John Forbes, offered improved safety, durability, performance, and skating pleasure, and is regarded as the most important advancement in skate design of the 19th century. The company also distributed hockey sticks, hand-carved by Mi'kmaw artisans, which were precursors of its factory-made products. Starr's innovative equipment designs and its marketing techniques helped to establish ice-skating and hockey as Canada's favourite winter recreations.