Langford, Sam National Historic Person

Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia
Photograph shows Black Canadian boxer Sam Langford (1883-1956) [between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915] (© Library of Congress)
Sam Langford ca. 1910-1915
(© Library of Congress)
Address : Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia

Recognition Statute: Historic Sites and Monuments Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. H-4)
Designation Date: 1987-11-05
Life Date: 1886 to 1956

Other Name(s):
  • Langford, Sam  (Designation Name)
Research Report Number: 1987-25

Importance: Professional boxer, fought 1902 to 1923


Existing plaque:  Weymouth Falls Road, near Gates Lane, Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia

Sam Langford, a black boxer, was one of the best fighters never to have held a world title. Born in Weymouth Falls, he moved to Boston, where his skills were soon recognized. Langford was not a big man, but proved to be one of the most punishing punchers in boxing history. Billed as the " Boston Tar Baby" by his promoters, he spent his career in the shadow of the heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, a black American who was usually pitted against white contenders. Langford fought in all divisions from lightweight to heavyweight between 1902 and 1923, but never got the title match he deserved.