This Week in History

List of past stories

“The Show Place of Toronto”
Louis-Philippe Hébert, Sculptor
The Princess Pat’s: A Privately Funded Army
"...It was not distances that meant anything to us."
"A National Voice of Parents in Education"
"A stalwart peasant in a sheepskin coat"
"A Strong Voice for Women"
"According to Beauchesne. . ."
"All Science is Either Physics or Stamp Collecting"
"Ambassadress of Peace"
"And Then There Were Ten"
"Between the crosses, row on row..."
"Canada's Oldest Reformatory Prison"
"Commerce is free! Hurrah for freedom!"
"First Lady" of the Yukon
"For Home and Country": The Founding of Canada's First Women's Institute
"Gateway to the Yukon"
"Good Fire" and "Bad Fire" Cross the Mountains
"Grandmother of the Winds"
"Granny Yip"
"Graveyard of the Pacific"
"It's Good To Be Alberta Bound"
"Last Chance" Leduc
"Leaving on a Jet Plane"
"Liberating" Caen
"Mighty Jerome"
"Mister Broadcasting"
"None is Too Many": Cairine Wilson's Fight to Liberate Canadian Immigration Policy
"Not one of these men can be the first to do it"
"Paris of the North"
"Safety First, Service Always": The Canadian Coast Guard
"Shooting for the Moon"
"St. Joseph...the Military Siberia of Upper Canada"
"Take this Lamp of Learning..."
"The Alpine Path"
"The Grand Old Lady of Shuter Street"
"The Jewel of Montréal"
"The Small Under the Protection of the Great"
"The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived"
"The Woman's Minister"
"Them Dry Bones..."
"To Each His Own"
"Up and Down and Up and Down"
"Whooping-it-Up" at Fort Hamilton
“An Able and Wise Woman”
“An Occasion of Unparalleled Importance to Our Generation”
“Buy Victory Bonds!”
“Dief the Chief” Takes Control and Wields an Arrow
“From Sea to Sea” at Last!
“I Do”... in Wartime!
“Karsh of Ottawa”: Capturing Greatness
“Let’s Indulge Our Sweet Tooth!”
“Loud roared the dreadful thunder…” HMCS Haida
“Matchmaker, Matchmaker…”
“Olympics of the North”
“S. O. S. Florizel ashore near Cape Race. Fast going to pieces.”
“That’s what we call the Ric-A-Dam-Doo”
“The Convention of All Canadian Jews”
“The Father of Canadian Literature”
“The Forgotten War”: Canadians in Korea, 1950-53
“The Grand Old Lady of Granville Street”
“The Man Who Did”
“The place of the fish fence”
“The winters of my childhood were long, long seasons ...”
“Wait for me, Daddy”
Per Ardua ad Astra: Through Adversity to the Stars
St. Ursula’s Convent and the birth of Canadian literature
100 Years of the National Hockey League
A "Bomb" in the Fight Against Cancer!
A Patriote and Father of Confederation is Born
A B.C. Legal Champion: Douglas Jung, MP
A Band of Steel: the CPR links Canada from Coast to Coast
A Canadian Archaeological Treasure
A Canadian Artist for Inspiration
A Canadian Diva
A Canadian Pioneer in Cartooning
A Canadian War Hero Interned
A Centre for the Arts in the National Capital
A Collision of Orange and Green
A Cry for Land
A Decisive Victory at Stoney Creek!
A Double-Edged Sword
A Feather in the Cap of Conservationists
A Fighter
A First for Upper Canada: John Graves Simcoe
A First World War Top Sniper - Corporal Pegahmagabow
A Forward-thinking Saint
A Free Library for All
A French-Canadian Poet is Mourned
A French-Canadian Romantic
A Frontier and Homeland
A Gateway to Another Culture
A Gateway to Canada for Many Newcomers
A Gem of a Theatre
A Grand Adventure for Susan Allison
A Great Canadian Artist
A Great Entrepreneur and his Mansion
A Great Inuit Artist and Photographer
A Guest of Honour at the Cradle of Quebec
A Harmony of Cultures: The Gurdwara at Abbotsford, B.C.
A Hero on Three Continents
A Hut in the Clouds
A King is born!
A Land Purchase for Philemon Wright!
A Life of Poetry
A Lion in the Vancouver Jungle
A Little Piece of Norway in Canada
A Living Cemetery
A Long-awaited Arrival
A Man For All Seasons
A Man of Vision: James Shaver Woodsworth, Leader of the CCF
A Masonic Temple in Montréal
A Métis Leader and Friend to Early Settlers
A Minute of Silence for Bell
A Missed Memo: Japanese-Canadians Enlist in the First World War
A Missionary of Many Talents
A Mohawk Poet
A Mohawk who Succeeded in the Victorian World
A National Park is Abolished!
A New Chapter in Library History
A Night at the Cantonese Opera
A Nurse at Sea and a Doctor on Land
A One-of-A-Kind Captain
A Person of Principle
A Pioneer of Women's University Education
A place of their own
A Poet Laureate in Retrospect : Isabella Valancy Crawford
A Presidential Haven in Canada
A Prime Minister in Exile
A Prince of a Place at 75!
A Racing Legend is Born
A Reluctant First Among Equals
A Remarkable Anthropologist
A Renaissance Man
A Responsible Government
A Scandal Exposed
A Second Last Stance
A Six Nations Soldier of the First World War
A Symbol of Canada's Atlantic Coast
A Time of Tragedy
A Versatile Prison
A Versatile Researcher
A Victory Against Discrimination
A Voice for Freedom
A Voice for Veterans
A Voice of Sovereignty Dies
A Warrior's Death
A Wedding at the “New Château St. Louis”
A Window on the Chinese Market
A.J. Casson: the Youngest of the Group of Seven
A.Y. Jackson: Artist in the Wilderness
Abolitionist John Brown Visits Chatham
Aboriginal History Month
Aboriginal Women won’t be Left Behind
Abraham Gesner: A Passionate Scientist!
Acadian Odyssey
Action at the Canard River!
Aerodrome of Democracy
Africville's Life After Death
Ahead of her time: Marie Marguerite Rose
Alan McLeod V.C. Falls in Love with Flight
Alaska Highway: A Major Achievement
Alberta Women Gain the Vote!
Alexander Wuttunee Decoteau: Athlete and Soldier
Alice Ravenhill:
Preserver and Promoter of Aboriginal Arts & Culture

All Aboard! Plains Bison Travel By Train to Alberta
All Hail the Queen
Always Fighting for Equality
American Invasion Stopped at Crysler’s Farm
Americans Attack!
Americans Invade Canada!
Americans Take Fort George
America's Canadian Sweetheart
An Activist and ‘Lawyer Without a Ticket’
An Advocate for Civil Rights
An Age of Discovery
An Artist at War
An Educator Through and Through
An Elite Canadian Corps: Samuel Steele and the Strathcona’s Horse Regiment in South Africa
An Impossible Rescue
An Iron Town on the Saint-Maurice!
An Olympian in the PPCLI
An Uncommon Man, an Uncommon Mind
And Then There Were Nine
Andrew Downs and the First Zoo in North America
Apothecaries Hall – "Arsenic and Old Lace"
Approval for the National Arts Centre
Archibald Lampman: Lyricist of the Earth
Arthur Lismer and Canada’s Artistic Revolution
Attack at Ferryland
Attendance is Required
August 1914: Canada Prepares for War
Banding Together
Banff National Park Celebrates 125 Years of Memorable Experiences!
Baptism by Fire: the Canadians at Ypres
Bar U Ranch
Batoche: Sacred grounds of the Métis
Battle in Restigouche
Battle of Frenchman's Creek
Battle of Ridgeway
Battle of Seven Oaks
Bennett's New Deal
Between Friends
Between Two Worlds: William Beynon's Life in Ethnography
Billy Bishop: An Ace up Canada’s Sleeve
Birth of a Canadian Hero
Birth of a Classic Canadian Writer
Birth of Davidson Black
Birth of Sir Isaac Brock
Birth of Sir John George Bourinot
Birth of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Birthday of Activist Emily Murphy
Birthday of Artist Robert Harris
Birthday of Bush Pilot "Punch" Dickens
Birthday of Canada's First Prime Minister
Birthday of Writer Mazo de la Roche
Black Pioneers Head to the Prairies
Black Pioneers in British Columbia
Blazing a Trail Through Upper Canada
Bottled Sunlight: Thomas 'Carbide' Willson
Braving ice, winds and tides
Breaking Down Racial Barriers Through Music
Breaking the Ice
Bringing the Beaux-Arts to Canada
British Capture Fort Frontenac
British Columbia’s First Female Judge
British Land at Louisbourg
British Surveyor Charts "Lots" of Land
Buckam Singh, a Sikh-Canadian in the First World War
Building Bridges in the First World War
Building the Rideau Canal
Building the Rideau Canal
Bundle Up!
C.E. Saunders and the Miracle of Marquis
Calling Out the Reserves
Canada Agrees to Hold Second World War Prisoners
Canada and the 1920s
Canada and the Battle of Hong Kong
Canada and the Battle of Hong Kong
Canada and the Korean War
Canada creates a National Park
Canada Creates World’s First National Parks Service
Canada Grieves for Mohawk Poet
Canada Joins the Great War
Canada Joins the Space Age
Canada on Public Display
Canada’s Big Cheese Paraded through Ingersoll
Canada’s first movie palace
Canada’s First Provincial Park
Canada’s Last Father of Confederation
Canada's Best Athlete – Modelled from a Book
Canada's First Election
Canada's First Election
Canada's First Female MP
Canada's First Railway
Canada's Governors General
Canada's Greatest Navigator
Canada's Inventor of the 20th Century
Canada's Master of the Greens
Canada's Oldest Newspaper
Canada's Oldest Sports Organization
Canada's Own Lady of the Lake
Canada's Sky Explorer
Canada's War Effort Takes Flight
Canadian Citizenship: Masters of Our Own Destiny
Canadian Japanese Volunteer Corps Founded
Canadian Made Commander-in-Chief
Canadian Soldiers United at Vimy
Canadian Veterans Called Up Again
Canadian Veterinarians Join the Fight!
Canadian Victory at Vimy!
Canadian Voyageurs Navigate the Nile
Canadian wins Nobel Peace Prize
Canadians Join the Fight at Passchendaele
Cape Breton Man Flies Through Air!
Captain Vancouver Maps Canada's West Coast!
Cars that "Ride on Snow"
Cartier Arrives at Stadacona
Castle Life
Catastrophe in Halifax
Catastrophe on the Québec Bridge
Catharine Parr Traill's Life in the Backwoods of Canada
Celebrating National Aboriginal Day
CERA: The First Global Effort for Chinese Reform
Champion of Freedom!
Champlain Charts Coast
Charles Avery Dunning: The Farmer's Politician
Charles Fox Bennett: A Figure of Controversy
Charles Magrath: A Pioneer of Western Canada
Charlotte Small, a Remarkable Woman
Chief and General: Gabriel Dumont
Chief Membertou: The Great Captain
Chief Peguis: A Friend to the Selkirk Settlement
Children of Peace
CHIN Radio: Bringing the world to Canada
Choosing Canada’s Capital
Christmas at the Front
Cinema Reinvented: Experience IMAX!
Cité Libre!
Cole Island and the Canadian Navy
Commemorating Chinese Railroad Workers
Community seeks safe harbour, ideally with good fishing...
Conquering Mount Logan
Conscription and the 1918 Quebec Easter Riots
Consecration of the Congregation Emanu-El Temple
Construction of the Lachine Canal
Courage, fortitude, and determination: Canada’s Merchant Navy
Creating a Song for Canada
Culture and Faith: Five Generations of Innu Pilgrimage
D. D. Palmer, Founder of Chiropractic
David Douglas: Botanist par excellence
David Kirke takes Québec
Death far from home
Death of a Salesman – But Not A Forest
Death of Arthur Meighen
Death of C.P. Lyons, Restorer of Barkerville
Death of Constable A.J. Chartrand
Death of Shanawdithit and the Beothuk
Defending our Nation: Sir Robert Laird Borden
Delivering the Gift of Life
Deter, Detect, Defend … attacks against Santa Claus
Digging in for Survival
Disaster at Dieppe
Discovering Folklore
Discovering the Canadian West
Distinctly Canadian
Downtown Gala Held for Vogue Theatre
Dr Irma LeVasseur Comes to the Aid of Children
Dr. Emily Stowe Remedies Social Ills
Dr. Frederick Montizambert – Pioneer of Public Health
Dr. Jenny Trout: Licensed to Cure
Dr. Maude Abbott: Physician, educator and heart specialist
Dream of a Nation
Dreams of Arctic Riches
Duplessis’ Debacle
E. Cora Hind: Outstanding Journalist and Activist
Eaton's: A Canadian Tradition
Education for All!
Edward Johnson's Life as a Tenor
Elizabeth Parker: Pioneer of Canada’s Alpine Heritage
Elkanah Billings and His Passion For Prehistory
Elsie Reford's Paradise
Émile Nelligan, a poet with a tragic destiny
Enemies in our Waters!
Enos Collins, Halifax Entrepreneur
Ernest Lapointe, French-Canadian Rights Advocate
Establishing equality throughout New Brunswick
Explorer Maps Unknown Lands
Exposing Canada to the World: Expo '67
Fanny “Bobbie” Rosenfeld – Outstanding Female Athlete
Farewell to Famed International Painter Lawren S. Harris
Father of Canadian Healthcare
Father of Standard Time
Father to a Country
Female Athlete of the Half-Century
Filles du Roi
Finally, Provincial Autonomy!
Fire Away: Western industry goes into the kiln!
First Female Major
First Light at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
Fishy Business
Flowers from cement: The Butchart Gardens
For Science and Sovereignty!
For the West and Womankind!
Forever Remembered
Fort Erie: Rebuilt Three Times!
Fossil Hunting Runs in the Family
Founding the Food and Agricultural Organization
Fox Bites Duke
Francis Hincks
Franco-Saskatchewanian Cultural Centre in Gravelbourg
Frank Leith Skinner: Quite a Horticulturist!
Fraser: the Man and the River
French newspaper a first in the Maritimes
From Carriages to Cars
From Coast to Coast: Canada's Confederation Painter
From Ditch to Industrial Corridor
From Sea to Sea: Robert McClure Connects the Northwest Passage
From The Pas To The Bay
From Trains to Waterworks and Fame
From Trois-Rivières to Boucherville
From Warrior to Wordsmith
From William Smith to Amor De Cosmos
Future Artist is born!
Future War Hero
Generosity in Early Canada: a Key to Franklin’s Success
George Back and the Utkuhiksalingmiut !
Georges–Antoine Belcourt: A Tireless Priest
German Prisoners of War at Camp 30 and the Battle of Bowmanville
Get Walking! Franklin Crosses the Methye Portage
Glenn Gould, a Remarkable Musician
Gold, Spies, and the Queen of Rumania
Goldwin Smith asks, “Should the United States annex Canada?”
Goodbye Maple Leaf Gardens
Gordon Drummond: A Canadian-born General
Great (Cannon) Balls of Fire!
Grey Nuns Arrive at Saint-Boniface
Grey Owl
Grosse Île
Ground Broken for New Nurses' Home
Guiding Girls for More than a Century
Halifax Citadel: Four Generations of Fortifications
Halifax Grows a Grand Garden
Hamilton's Own Castle
Happy 175th Birthday, Sir Wilfrid Laurier!
Happy Birthday, Henry!
Harriet Brooks: A Woman of Science
Harry Jerome receives the Order of Canada
Head in the Stars and Feet on the Ground
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Heal the Body, Save the Soul
Healey Willan: The Dean of Canadian Composers
Hearne Builds Cumberland House
Henri Bourassa and Le Devoir
Heroine of Verchères
High hopes dashed at Île Ste-Croix
History and Legend at Gitwangak Battle Hill
HMS Shannon defeats and captures USS Chesapeake
Hockey at the Forum
Hockey Fans Riot in the name of Maurice Richard!
Hockey’s Holy Grail
Hockey's First Superstar
Hogan's Alley - A Vibrant Community
Home Children
Homer Watson - The Man of Doon
Honest John Carling - Brewer and Politician
Honouring 50 years of Canadian Achievements
Hopedale and Hebron: Missions Accomplished!
Hot Pursuit at French Creek
Humiliation Day Ended
If These Walls Could Speak . . .
In Deep Thought at Thinkers’ Lodge
In Defence of Montréal’s Italian Spirit
In Pursuit of the Erebus and Terror: An Arctic Mystery
In Search of Family
In Search of the Northwest Passage
International Literacy Day Celebrated
Into the Great Wide Open
Into the Light
Inuit Vote for “Our Land”
Ipirvik and Taqulittuq
It’s Not the Pacific, It’s the Arctic!
It's Good To Be Alberta Bound
Jacques Cartier Searches for “The Kingdom of the Saguenay”
James Bernard Harkin – A Guardian of Canada's Heritage
James Garfield Gardiner: Prairie Farmer
and Politician

John Anderson: Free!
John Neilson: A Pre-Confederation Entrepreneur and Leader
John Rae: Intrepid Northern Surgeon and Surveyor
John Ross Explores the Arctic
John Ware: the Cowboy, the Legend
Joseph E. Atkinson – A Superman of the Canadian Newspaper Industry
Joseph Emm Seagram: "cheers" to success!
Joseph Howe: the tribune of Nova Scotia
Josiah Henson - Birth of a Leader
Kingston Becomes Capital of New Province
Kit’s News
Kluane Issued a Stamp
Kondiaronk’s Tree of Peace
Krieghoff, a fascinating artist!
Labatt's Lager Legacy
Land Used as a Place of Religious Tolerance
Language, the "Pedigree of Nations"
Last Mountain Lake
Laura Secord
Laura Secord Dies
Lawren S. Harris and His Original Landscapes
Leading the Way for Minority Rights and Women in Canada
Leafs Bid Farewell to Maple Leaf Gardens
Legalizing Racism
Lest We Forget
Life as a Cottage: Two Centuries at Mallard Cottage
Life Lessons
Lightning Striker
Lights, Camera, Action! Shhhhh it’s a Library!
Lillian Freiman: A Mother to Thousands
Lionel Groulx: Tutor to a Nation
Listen to R. Nathaniel Dett
Listen to R. Nathaniel Dett
Live from Canada, its Saturday Night!
Liverpool Privateers
Living On a Prayer
Lord Strathcona's Horse Sailed for the South African War
Lost in the Arctic
Louis Riel: Guilty!
Louis Rubenstein Skates His Way to the Top
Louis-Joseph Papineau: Quite a Character!
Loyalists Arrive in New Brunswick
'M. Watson, come here, I want you!'
Mack Sennett: “The King of Comedy”
Mackenzie: a man who embodied change
Macphail Makes Headlines
Making Waves: Women in Uniform
Mapping Canada
Mapping the New World: The Palliser Expedition of 1857-60
Marc-Aurèle Fortin: Capturing Nature’s Beauty
Marco Polo: "Fastest Ship in the World"
Margaret Newton and Her War with Wheat Rust
Margaret Watt Unites Rural Women
Margaret Watt Unites Rural Women
Marking 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in Manitoba
Marking the Hours – The Halifax Town Clock
Married to the Rocks
Marshall McLuhan – A Media Guru
Mary and Henry Bibb, Committed Couple
Mary Meager Southcott: "Florence Nightingale" of Newfoundland
Marysville: A Company Town Like No Other
Mattie Mitchell: Prospector, Hunter and Guide
Maurice Duplessis
McClintock Reveals Fate of Franklin’s Lost Arctic Expedition
Medals and Memory: Honouring our Armed Forces
Memorial to a Nation
Mennonites Become Waterloo Pioneers
Midnight Assault at Fort Niagara
Mind Over Matter
Miss-top-ashish: Little Giant of the Prairies
Misto-ha-a-Musqua: Last Chief of the Free Plains Cree
Molly Brant: Loyalist and Diplomat
Money, money, money!
Monsignor de Laval, Founder of the Québec Seminary
Montgomery’s Tavern: A Place to Rebel
Montréal Bound
Montréal’s Jewish Community on the Main
Montréal's Hidden Landmark
More than a century of education in Acadia
Mormons Choose Alberta Home
Mourning a World Champion
Muggins, the Red Cross Dog
Murder on Sparks Street
Music to our ears
Naming the Nation
National Acadian Day
Naturalist, Author and Boy Scout
Nellie McClung: A Feminist Icon
Nerves of Steele: an officer of the North West Mounted Police
New France builds a Mighty Fortress
Newfoundland's Gentle Giants
Newfoundland's Saddest Day
No habla español! The Spanish Lake Retreat
NONIA: A Welcome Addition to the Community!
North to Athabasca!
Norway House: the Northwest Crossroads
Nothing Could Stop Alice Wilson!
Nova Scotia becomes the new New England
O Canada!
Off to Work We Go!
Oh, Bother! Canada’s Winnie-the-Pooh connection
On to Ottawa!
On your marks ...
One Highway from Sea to Sea
One of Boxing's Best is Born!
One of Canada's Great Scholars: Harold Adams Innis
One of Five But Not The Least!
One Very Scholarly Scot!
Operation Husky: The Canadian Landing in Sicily
Opulence Takes the Stage
Ottawa's Own Château
Our True Colours: The 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag
P.G. Laurie and the Saskatchewan Herald
Pacific Naval Defense at Esquimalt, British Columbia
Parliament Passes the Manitoba Act
Partners in Confederation
Patients and Devotion: Georgina Fane Pope
Paul Kane, Frontier Artist
Peace Treaty at Utrecht Changes Map of North America
Peeking Through The Keyhole
Pegi's Paintings
Peter Jones' Diary
Pioneer of Bush Aviation
Pioneers in Canadian and Women’s Sport
Portia May White: the Legendary Contralto
Powell River: Company Town
Prairie Sentinels Amidst Fields of Golden Grain
Presenting the Third Governor General of Canada!
Preserving the Memory of Rural Québec
Prince Edward Island's "Fixed Link"
Prince Edward Island's Confederation Campaigner Defeated
Protecting history at Fort Anne
Protector of the Air
Québec Fortifications Unique in North America
Quebec Women Take Action
Quebec's Star and Canada's First Chansonnière
Queen of the Hurricanes!
Radical Lord Drops Political Bombshell
Radio Signals across Atlantic!
Rations for the Mind
Ready ... Set ... Skirmish!
Red Cross Trailblazer in Newfoundland
Red, white and blue ... and a star too!
Re-establishing Self-Government
Remembering Beaumont-Hamel on Canada Day
Repelling the Last American Invasion of Lower Canada:
The Battle of Lacolle

Rescuing the Rescuers
Resolution of Border Dispute Crosses a Line for Canadians
Rev. Dr. Kosaburo Shimizu: A Guide to the Japanese Canadian Community
Reverend Richard Preston Fights Slavery!
Riding Mountain's Relief Camp All Stars
Road to the Isle: The Canso Causeway
Roadmaps of the North
Roads of Remembrance
Royal Canadian Mint
Rub-a-dub-dub, seven men in a … chalupa!
Sails Away! The Canadian Navy is Born
Salaberry Blocks American Thrust against Montréal
Sam Langford
Saskatchewan Women Win the Vote!
Saskatchewan's First Teacher
Saving a Past for the Future
Saving Gwaii Haanas, the "Islands of Beauty"
Say Cheese! A celebrity photographer is born
School is in at Louisbourg
Scouting Around
Secret Intelligence Training at Camp X
Serenity in Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Sergeant Gander reporting for duty!
Shadrach Minkins
She Shoots, She Scores!
Sherbrooke’s Rail Baron becomes Canada’s Visionary
Shot through the heart
Show Me Canadian History
Sinking of the USS Hamilton and Scourge
Sir Charles Tupper Fights for Confederation
Sir Hughes: Always a Militia Man
Sir John A. Macdonald’s 200th Birthday
Sir John William Dawson: Dedicated to Quality Education
Sir William Alexander's Scottish colony of Nova Scotia
Sir William Osler, an Exceptional Doctor
Sir William Van Horne – Our Railway King
Sitting Bull at Fort Walsh
Sketches from the Life of a Labrador Woman
Slam Dunk!
Slavery Attacked in Upper Canada
Smooth Sailing
Something for Everyone
Songs of a Sourdough
Sovereignty on the Pacific Coast: Fisgard Lighthouse
Soviet Spies in Canada
Spanish Influenza Sweeps the Globe
Special Delivery
Spotlight on Cape Spear
Springhill Strikes!
St. John's in flames
St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church
St. Patrick's Basilica
St. Paul's: A Little Church in a Gold Rush Boomtown
Stanley Park: Where nature and culture come together
Still Going to School!
Still Runs the Water: The Cornwall Canal
Stone by Stone: The Prime Minister who Built Canada
'Sunshine Sketches' of Stephen Leacock
Surprise Attack at Schenectady
Susanna Moodie: Pioneer and Writer
Take a Bow
The "Father" of Ice Hockey
The "Flying Bandit" and Canada's Largest Gold Heist
The "Governess General" of Canada
The "Lyon" and the End of the British Empire
The "Mayor of Chinatown"
The "Poet of the Rocky Mountains" is Born
The "Wheat Wizard"
The "White Lady" of the West
The “National Historian”
The Elizabeth and Mary: A Shipwreck
in the St. Lawrence River

The caisse populaire: Desjardins' Dream
The Komagata Maru Incident
The Liverpool Packet is Captured
The 49th Parallel
The Acadian Deportation
The Accidental Naturalist: Nicolas Denys’ Adventures in Perseverance
The Accidental Prime Minister: Sir Mackenzie Bowell
The Acme Skate and Canada's Favourite Pastime
The Acts of Merritt
The Asahi Baseball Team: A Tale of Perseverance
The Asahis take on the Tokyo Giants!
The Battle of Beaver Dams
The Battle of Duck Lake: A Struggle for Land and a Way of Life
The Battle of Frenchman Butte
The Battle of Longwoods
The Battle of Lundy's Lane
The Battle of Saint-Eustache
The Battle of Signal Hill
The Battle of the Atlantic - War on the Homefront
The Battle of the Scheldt – Victory on the Dykes
The Beginning of the Marathon of Hope
The Beginnings of the Canadian Press
The Best Socks at the Front Were From Newfoundland
The Birth of a Pioneer in Canadian Poetry
The Birthday of Louis La Corne
The Black Flight
The British Colony that Wasn't British
The British Lose Ground
The Burning of Niagara-on-the-Lake
The Calgary Stampede: Saddle Up!
The Canada Games: 50 Years of Athletic Excellence
The Canadian Army in South Africa
The Canadian Military Reaches New Heights
The Canadian Woman's Christian Temperance Union
The Canadians Liberate Holland
The Capitulation of New France
The Cattle King of the West
The Church of Syrian Immigrants
The Columbia Express
The Cowichan Sweater: Knitting Cultures Together
The Creation of Quttinirpaaq National Park -The Top of the World
The Creation of the Battlefields Park
The Daring Aviators of the Far North !
The Death of Jean de Brébeuf
The Death of Mackenzie King’s Confidant
The Defence of York
The Discovery and Development of the McIntosh Apple
The Double Life of Charles Gordon
The Establishment of a National Police Force
The Famous Five are Persons ... and Senators!
The Father of Canadian Biochemistry is Born!
The Father of Lacrosse
The Father of Responsible Government in Canada
The Fiercest Fighters in The Italian Campaign
The Fight against Racial Discrimination
The Fight for Fur!
The First coureur des bois
The First Black Battalion in Canada
The First Canadian-born Governor General
The First Gay Rights Protest in Canada
The First Governor Under the British Regime
The First Intendant of New France
The First Liberal Prime Minister of Canada
The First Lighthouse in Canada
The First Permanent Settlement on Newfoundland
The First Successful Test of Insulin
The First Transcontinental Airmail Flight!
The First Women's Institute
The Gateway into Canada: Halifax's Pier 21
The Golden Age of Theatres
The Good Word of Marie Lacoste Gérin-Lajoie
The Granada, A Theatre of Dreams
The Great Ministry of Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine
The History of a Museum of History
The Host that Could and the Country that Would: Canada and the Quebec Conferences, 1943-44
The House that Sod Built
The Interpreter with the Golden Dress
The Invasion of Canada
The Last Two-storey Theatre
The League of Extraordinary Hopes: Canada and the League of Nations
The Legend of Tom Thomson
The Legendary Harriet Tubman
The Library of Parliament
The Life of a Soldier and Peacemaker: Sir John Harvey
The Little Chapel That Grew
The Long Slide towards Success
The Long Walk of the 104th Regiment of Foot
The Maison Bélanger-Girardin
The Man That Looks At Stars
The Marie-Reine-Du-Monde Cathedral-Basilica
The McCauslands: Magicians of Glass and Colour
The Mennonites: A Life of Work and Simplicity
The Missing Link
The Montréal Botanical Garden
The Montreal Canadiens Win Again!
The Mother of Universal Charity
The Mounties at Lower Fort Garry
The Music of Courage
The National Film Board of Canada
The NCWC - Helping Canadian Communities since 1893
The North-West Mounted Police Retreat from Fort Pitt
The Nova Scotia Pony Express
The Nurse of La Corne
The Organizer of the North Atlantic Convoy System is Born!
The Overlanders of 1862: Journeying West for Gold
The People of the Salt and Fir
The Piano Man
The Pictou Pastor: Educating with Humour
The Poetry of A.M. Klein
The Politician Who Hated Politics
The Power of Flight
The Power of Water
The Promise
The Queen Elizabeth Chalice
The Queen of Concert Halls
The Queen's University
The Republic of New Iceland
The Resilient Ursulines of Québec
The Return of the Acadians
The Rewarding Life of Dorothy Dworkin
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet's First Steps
The Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park:
An Area to Discover in Depth!

The Sands of Time
The Seventh Province
The Ship has come in!
The Signing of the Gwaii Haanas Agreement
The Sinking of RMS Empress of Ireland
The Sky is the Limit
The Slick Wit of Thomas Chandler Haliburton
The Stars Reveal Their Secrets
The Stone Fort Treaty
The Stress Doctor
The Taking of Demasduit
The University of Ottawa: Uniting Diverse Students Since 1848
The Unsung Hero
The Vaniers take on the world...together!
The Victoria Skating Rink
The Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada
The Wall Street of Saint John
The West is big, but this is Biggar
The Whiskey Baron
The Will of Nova Scotians
The Woman of a Million Books
There's No Business Like Show Business
They called him "Uncle Louis"
Thinker and Wanderer: Newfoundland’s Margaret Duley
This Means War!
Thomas Prince: Distinguished Soldier of the Devil’s Brigade
Thornton and Lucie Blackburn Test the Fugitive Offenders Act
Thundering Pipe Dreams
To my Dearest Brothers ...
Tom Longboat, Faster than a Speeding Bullet
Toronto's Cultural Mosaic
Toronto's Union Station
Toward A Better Future
Towards Greater Canadian-American Co-operation
Tragedy at Fort St. John
Tragedy at Hogg’s Hollow
Tragedy in the Atlantic
Trapped at Tracadie
Treaty No. 7 Signed at Blackfoot Crossing
Trekking Through the Interior
Troop 17: Women in the RCMP
Trouble at Red River
Turning the Tide in Communications
Tutus at Eaton Auditorium
Ukrainians arrive in Canada
Uniting Upper and Lower Canada
Until we meet again
Upper Canada Adopts a Representative Government
Vaccination Pioneer in Canada
Vancouver Island's Lonely Governor
Vancouver’s Chinatown: a vibrant neighbourhood!
Victoria’s Chinatown: Not Enough Women
Victoria’s Mosaic of Landscapes!
Victory at Cook’s Mills
Victory at Fort Detroit!
Victory in Europe!
Vikings in Canada
Vincent Coleman: “A Hero in Death as in Life”
Viola Desmond: Movie Night Becomes a Fight for Civil Rights
Violet McNaughton: Rural Reformer
W.R. Motherwell: The Politician Behind the Plough
Waging War on Wilkinson: Action at Fort Wellington in 1813
War Brides
We reap what we sow!
We're in the Navy Now!
What do you mean “old maid from McGill”?
What Goes Up Must Come Down
What If ...
When Darkness Falls
Where Agriculture (and Hockey) Were King
Wife defends Fort La Tour in husband's absence
Wilder Penfield: Exploring the Human Brain
Wilfred Grenfell - A Generous Soul
William Aberhart: Premier of World's First Social Credit Government
William Baffin’s Explorations
William Neilson Hall Awarded the Victoria Cross
William Thomas, Prolific Architect
Wings of War
Winnipeg On Strike
Winnipeg Women Hold "Mock" Parliament
Winter Crossing: Ice Boats in the Northumberland Strait
Women Are Persons ... Aren't They?
Women Doctors
Working together for big results:
Expanding the Nahanni National Park Reserve

Yes – by God! we will be the envy of the American states!
Yoho National Park of Canada: A Peaceful Haven
Young Musicians Take the National Stage
Yukon Territory enters Confederation
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