This Week in History

List of past stories

"A Larger Part in the World of History"
"Between the crosses, row on row..."
"Grandmother of the Winds"
"Safety First, Service Always": The Canadian Coast Guard
"Standing the Gaff"
“An Occasion of Unparalleled Importance to Our Generation”
“Karsh of Ottawa”: Capturing Greatness
“S. O. S. Florizel ashore near Cape Race. Fast going to pieces.”
“That’s what we call the Ric-A-Dam-Doo”
“The place of the fish fence”
100 Years of the National Hockey League
A B.C. Legal Champion: Douglas Jung, MP
A Canadian Archaeological Treasure
A Canadian War Hero Interned
A Double-Edged Sword
A Feather in the Cap of Conservationists
A Free Library for All
A Frontier and Homeland
A Minute of Silence for Bell
A Night at the Cantonese Opera
A Nurse at Sea and a Doctor on Land
A Voice for Equal Rights in Nova Scotia
Alan McLeod V.C. Falls in Love with Flight
Alberta Women Gain the Vote!
Alexander Wuttunee Decoteau: Athlete and Soldier
All Aboard! Plains Bison Travel By Train to Alberta
All Accounted For: The first census of New France
Americans Invade Canada!
America's Canadian Sweetheart
An Activist and ‘Lawyer Without a Ticket’
An Advocate for Civil Rights
An Educator Through and Through
An Iron Town on the Saint-Maurice!
An Olympian in the PPCLI
Arthur Lismer and Canada’s Artistic Revolution
Attendance is Required
Bar U Ranch
Battle of Ridgeway
Between Friends
Breaking the Ice
Bringing the Olympic Games to Canada
Buckam Singh, a Sikh-Canadian in the First World War
Bundle Up!
Canada and the Battle of Hong Kong
Canada's Birdlife Documentarian
Canada's First Election
Canada's Inventor of the 20th Century
Canadian Soldiers United at Vimy
Canadian Veterans Called Up Again
Canadian Voyageurs Navigate the Nile
Captain Vancouver Maps Canada's West Coast!
Celebrating Chinese-Canadian History
CERA: The First Global Effort for Chinese Reform
Christmas at the Front
Cinema Reinvented: Experience IMAX!
Creating a Song for Canada
Culture and Faith: Five Generations of Innu Pilgrimage
Delivering the Gift of Life
Dr. Jenny Trout: Licensed to Cure
Dr. Maude Abbott: Physician, educator and heart specialist
E. J. Pratt: A Bard of Newfoundland
Ernest MacMillan: Canada's Musical Knight
Establishing equality throughout New Brunswick
Fire Away: Western industry goes into the kiln!
First Light at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
First St. Patrick's Day Parade in Montréal
Flowers from cement: The Butchart Gardens
For Science and Sovereignty!
Fossil Hunting Runs in the Family
French newspaper a first in the Maritimes
From Coast to Coast: Canada's Confederation Painter
From Sea to Sea: Robert McClure Connects the Northwest Passage
From William Smith to Amor De Cosmos
Gold, Spies, and the Queen of Rumania
Grey Nuns Arrive at Saint-Boniface
Guiding Girls for More than a Century
Happy 175th Birthday, Sir Wilfrid Laurier!
History and Legend at Gitwangak Battle Hill
Holding the Line in the Far East
Honouring 50 years of Canadian Achievements
Humiliation Day Ended
Igniting the Oil Industry
Lighting the Bruce Coast
Listen to R. Nathaniel Dett
Louis Rubenstein Skates His Way to the Top
Mack Sennett: “The King of Comedy”
Margaret Watt Unites Rural Women
Marking 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in Manitoba
Medals and Memory: Honouring our Armed Forces
Molly Brant: Loyalist and Diplomat
More than a century of education in Acadia
Muggins, the Red Cross Dog
Naming the Nation
Nerves of Steele: an officer of the North West Mounted Police
Newfoundland's Gentle Giants
North to Athabasca!
One Highway from Sea to Sea
Parliament Passes the Manitoba Act
Pascal Poirier: Canada’s First Acadian Senator
Peace and Friendship Treaty between the Mi’kmaq and the British
Prince Edward Island's "Fixed Link"
Prohibition in the Crowsnest Pass
Protecting history at Fort Anne
Radical Lord Drops Political Bombshell
Raising the Tent: Stratford Festival’s First Season
Red Cross Trailblazer in Newfoundland
Remembering Beaumont-Hamel on Canada Day
Rescuing the Rescuers
Resolution of Border Dispute Crosses a Line for Canadians
Riding Mountain's Relief Camp All Stars
Roads of Remembrance
Ross Reaches the North Magnetic Pole
Saskatchewan Women Win the Vote!
Searching for the Northwest Passage
She Blazed a Trail to the Klondike: Katherine Ryan
Sherbrooke’s Rail Baron becomes Canada’s Visionary
Slavery Attacked in Upper Canada
Stone by Stone: The Prime Minister who Built Canada
Summering on Passamaquoddy Bay
Taking Flight
The "Flying Bandit" and Canada's Largest Gold Heist
The Acadian Deportation
The Acts of Merritt
The Beginnings of the Canadian Press
The Canada Games: 50 Years of Athletic Excellence
The Cowichan Sweater: Knitting Cultures Together
The Father of Ontario Hydro: Sir Adam Beck
The Fiercest Fighters in The Italian Campaign
The First Gay Rights Protest in Canada
The First Lighthouse in Canada
The Gesner Collection
The Legend of Tom Thomson
The Music of Courage
The NCWC - Helping Canadian Communities since 1893
The Taking of Demasduit
The Victoria Skating Rink
Tragedy in the Atlantic
Troop 17: Women in the RCMP
Uniting Upper and Lower Canada
Vancouver's First Alderwoman
Vincent Coleman: “A Hero in Death as in Life”
Viola Desmond: Movie Night Becomes a Fight for Civil Rights
Winged Victory: Winnipeg Falcons Win Hockey Gold!
Winter Crossing: Ice Boats in the Northumberland Strait
Young Musicians Take the National Stage
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