Partners and collaborators

At Parks Canada, we collaborate with diverse external parties to help create new and inspiring opportunities for Canadians to discover, protect and connect to our treasured places.

Collaborating with Parks Canada is about sharing objectives and resources in order to achieve mutual goals that can’t be reached alone.

Current partners and collaborators

National partners

Collaborating to offer unique opportunities for Canadians.

Local partners

Parks Canada destinations proudly working with partners in their communities.

Indigenous partners

Working together with more than 300 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities across Canada.


  • Conservation

    Protecting and presenting Canada’s natural and cultural heritage

  • Connecting Canadians

    Welcoming urban residents, youth, and new Canadians

  • Visitor experience

    Enhancing experiences and expanding visitor opportunities

  • Accessibility

    Allowing everyone to access our destinations and participate in our activities

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Removing barriers, fostering participation, and embracing diversity

To submit proposals for collaboration

Contact us at

Please include the following information:

  • organisation and contact information
  • a short description of the opportunity
  • how your opportunity relates to Parks Canada’s mandate and priorities
  • proposed contribution from your organisation (financial and/or in-kind)
  • requested contribution from Parks Canada (financial and/or in-kind)
  • anticipated timelines

Due to the volume of requests, it may take several business days to respond; we will be in contact as soon as we can.

As a federal government agency, Parks Canada is unable to endorse, promote or provide an unfair competitive advantage to an External Party’s products or services.

Other ways to work with Parks Canada

Become a supplier for products or services

Request filming, commercial photography or event permits

Read our guide to film and photo shoots, and contact the location directly to discuss your plans and associated fees.

Influencers / bloggers / travel writers

Contact our Travel Media team.

For any other types of questions or requests, please contact Parks Canada’s National Information Service at

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