Parks Canada is a public service organization dedicated to the protection and presentation of Canada’s national parks, national historic sites and related heritage areas. These values and operating principles are the foundation for its Human Resources management.

The values and operating principles have been developed with input from employees across Canada. Accordingly, they reflect an understanding of our enduring mandate and the distinctive circumstances in which we work. They apply to all employees at all levels of the organization and will be brought to the attention of third parties as guidance for their interaction with Parks Canada employees.

In this document "we" refers to all employees at all levels of the organization.

Values are the enduring beliefs that determine our actions, attitudes and the choices we make. Operating principles guide the ways in which our values are implemented. Together they are the basis for ensuring the integrity of our Human Resources policies, practices, and procedures.

These values and the accompanying operating principles ensure that our Human Resources attitudes and actions reflect the fundamental importance of employees in achieving the mandate of Parks Canada. They reinforce our obligations and commitments to respect and adhere to all relevant legislation.

Our actions and decisions will be aligned with these values and operating principles.

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