Values and principles working group

The Values and Principles Working Group is pleased to present its final recommendations, as endorsed by the Parks Canada Agency (PCA) Union-Management Steering Committee, to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the values and operating principles that will provide the foundation for Human Resources management at the Agency.

The Working Group worked under the guidance of Co-Champions, who also sat as members of Steering Committee. Christina Cameron, Director General, National Historic Sites Directorate, served as the management representative, and Judith King of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), as the union representative.

The Working Group was comprised of management and union representatives:

Management representatives

  • Bruce Amos, Director General, National Parks Directorate, Hull Quebec
  • Bill Fisher, Acting Field Unit Superintendent, Northern Prairies
  • Louis Richer, retired, Québec
  • Lillian Stewart, retired, Nova Scotia

Union representatives

  • Abdelkader Elkak, Vice President, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), National Component (NC), Beauport, Quebec
  • Sally Gibson, PSAC, Union of Canadian Transport Employees (UCTE), Sault Ste. Marie
  • Denis McCarthy, PIPSC, Hull, Quebec

Human resources Advisors

  • John Read, Team Leader, HRNO
  • Steven Broadbent, Researcher and Advisor, HRNO
  • Pierre Soucy, Advisor, Public Service Commission (PSC)

The working group was facilitated by Julie Macfarlane.

I am pleased to approve these recommendations:

Original copy signed by:

  • Tom Lee
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Parks Canada Agency

February 3, 1999

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