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Female grizzly bears live and raise their cubs along Lake Minnewanka and depend on the buffaloberries that grow in abundance here in late summer. When these feeding bears are disturbed or surprised by humans, the result is not always positive. Between 2001 and 2010, there were two serious bear attacks and several dangerous close encounters between grizzly bears and park visitors on the Aylmer Pass trail near Lake Minnewanka. Today, recreational activity has been restricted in the Lake Minnewanka/Aylmer area from July 10 to September 15.

It’s sometimes difficult for visitors to understand (or picture) why park officials fuss over these restrictions, but the following Wild Images – taken between July 9th and August 15th – illustrate just how critical this area is for Banff bears and outlines the importance of the seasonal restriction. Abiding by these restrictions can ensure that we will all enjoy these fascinating images for years to come.

Grizzly Bear 
Grizzly Bear / © Parks Canada

Grizzly Bears 
Grizzly Bears / © Parks Canada

Black Bear 
Black Bear / © Parks Canada

Grizzly Bear family
Grizzly Bear family / © Parks Canada

Grizzly Bear family
Grizzly Bear family / © Parks Canada

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