Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites

2013 Calendar of Events


Canada Day Celebrations

July 1, 2013  

Canada Day at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site
Happy Birthday Canada!
© Parks Canada

Canada Day’s biggest birthday cake is always served at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites. Come celebrate Canada’s special day and join the excitement. Just clap your hands, or dance yourself silly to the live music throughout the day. Be a kid again, jump in and take part in all the fun activities. Enjoy the food and snacks at the concession, but remember to leave a bit of room for a piece of the HUGE cake.

Note: Admission and a piece of the HUGE cake is FREE.

10th Annual Vintage Cadillac Car Show

July 14, 2013

Two cadillacs at the Annual Vintage Cadillac Car Show
Chrome, fins and hood ornaments
© Parks Canada

Join the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Cadillac Car Club of B.C. for Canada’s largest Cadillac show! With close to a hundred cars, the show offers every variety of this luxury marque: the sleek roadsters of the ´30s, the ´50s classics (all pastels, fins and chrome), ambulances, hearses, custom jobs, low-riders, and cutting-edge current models.

Take a Hike! On Parks Day

July 20, 2013

Children run towards the hiking trails near Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse
A fun walk for all!
© Parks Canada

Lace up your hiking boots and celebrate Canada’s Parks Day by joining the Juan de Fuca Pathfinders Walking Club for a scenic 10 km ramble through the byways of Colwood. The walk finishes with a loop through Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites, followed by a picnic with the club. This is an officially sanctioned Volkssport International event.

Art and Wine Festival at the Fort

July 28, 2013  

Art and wine displayed outside the Colwood Rotary Club
Local artists present their favourite pieces.
© Parks Canada

The Colwood Rotary Club presents a summer festival featuring local artists and wineries.

Relax and stroll through the display tents where local artists showcase their finest pieces. Let your eyes relish the colorful canvases and feast on the graceful curves of pottery. Choose your favourite item; imagine how stunning it will look in your home and go ahead treat yourself, you truly deserve it.

Then carry on, inciting your taste buds; it’s time to uncork some new flavours. Several local wineries have selected their best vintage wines just for you.  Sample “fleshy” (soft and smooth), “lively” (fresh and fruity), or “chewy” (rich and full-bodied) wines. Which one will you choose to take home and toast the acquisition of your new art piece!

All proceeds will go towards the Colwood Rotary Picnic Playground at Westshore Parks.

For further information, contact the Rotary Club of Colwood at 250-474-5287.

Medieval Village

August 10 - 15, 2013

Two re-enactors carve wood and paint tapestry
Costumes and demonstrations
© Parks Canada

Travel through time and wake-up in the 14th century. Look, smell, listen…the Middles Ages are here. Stroll among the tents where armourers, weavers, carpenters, pewterers and calligraphers work with the tools and techniques of the era. The Pacific Association for Recreating the Middle Ages actors and members take proud in displaying their medieval dresses and attires. Let them show you their tools and creative masterpiece. Be inspired by their stories and join the entertainment!

Fab Forts

August 18, 2013

A child smiles behind the wheel of a WWII vehicle
Bang! Boom! Kaboom!

© Parks Canada

Bang! Boom! Kaboom! The impenetrable walls of Fort Rodd Hill come to life with the biggest and loudest artillery salute of the summer. Experience the thunderous sounds, smells and sensations of World War II with the firing of authentic historic weapons. Keep all your senses alert, it’s not over yet... Admire the historic military vehicles on display, chill-out and enjoy live entertainment while the kids laugh as they test their skills on the inflatable obstacle course.

18th Annual English Car Affair in the Park

September 8, 2013

A hood and interior of a car at the 18th Annual English Car Affair in the Park
Behind the wheel
© Parks Canada

At 10 a.m. precisely the skirl of the pipes will herald the start of this very popular event. Over a hundred classic and vintage British automobiles will festoon Fort Rodd Hill’s open meadow. Sponsored by the Old English Car Club of B.C., this event will delight connoisseurs and intrigue newcomers. Each year, vehicles of a selected marque are showcased under the streamers of the maypole.

Lantern tour

September 21, 2013

A re-enactor works at his desk by lantern light 
The warmth of candlelight
© Parks Canada

Grab your coats and step into time as Fort Rodd Hill opens its doors for an exclusive, after-dark guided tour.  See the gun batteries by lantern light and eavesdrop on re-enactors in uniform going about the daily activities of garrison life.  Take in the sights, sounds and smells of life at Rodd Hill during the period of 1897-1956.  There may even be a few surprises along the way!

  • Tickets are now on sale! Only $10 per person. Space is limited, please reserve early by calling 250-478-4389.
  • All proceeds go to the Victoria-Esquimalt Military Re-enactors Association.

Inaugural Francophone Festival

October 4-5, 2013

Inaugural Francophone Festival
Inaugural Francophone Festival
© Parks Canada

Immerse yourself in French language and culture this fall with Fort Rodd Hill’s inaugural Francophone Festival on October 4 and 5. Students can discover the lighthouse, practice coded communications and re-enact military strategies on October 4 with our new K-12 school programs. Indulge your curiosity for French cuisine, art and music on our general public day, October 5, featuring local food vendors, artists and musicians. Join us for this two-day festival as we celebrate Canada’s linguistic duality in an authentic west coast setting.