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Experiences to discover in Atlantic Canada

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Quest for uniqueness

There's nowhere else on Earth like Atlantic Canada for unique experiences. The combination of its land and seascapes, its history and the collective imagination of its people take you on a journey that inspires the spirit. You can walk on the ocean floor here or take a hike to the easternmost point of North America. In this special corner of the world you can free your own imagination and discover your own unique spirit of travel, your own spirit of adventure.

Province House National Historic Site © Parks Canada / J. Sylvester

The Birth of a Nation

Hear the echo of the delegates to the Charlottetown Conference as you stand in Confederation Chamber. Imagine them deliberating the future of the British North American colonies-what was to become the country of Canada-in the original library. Prince Edward Island's Legislative Assembly still meets at Province House National Historic Site, the only remaining meeting place of the Fathers of Confederation.
Other activities at Province House National Historic Site

Savour the past © Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Savour the Past

Enjoy a crusty loaf of soldier's bread or a chocolate delicacy fit for a king! Sample the Governor's food and drink at a special Wine Tasting. Watch servants cook over an open hearth. Then sign up for a Culinary Workshop to learn the techniques for creating your own French feast. The cuisine of 18th-century Louisbourg will give you a memorable taste of history.
Other activities at Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Guided Ghost Walk © Parks Canada

Dare to Be Scared

Brush your hand against the cool stone of a dimly lit passageway in the 19th century British fort. Grip your lantern tighter and search the shadows for your guide. What about these stories of ghostly apparitions reported by visitors and staff? Fact or scary fiction? You'll discover the haunted secrets and fascinating history of the Halifax Citadel when you take a guided Ghost Walk - after dark. Mid-July to the end of October every Friday and Saturday night.
Other activities at Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Swept by the bay © Parks Canada

Swept by the Bay

As the tide falls, follow the water's edge as it creeps out to the Bay. Along the way, become distracted by the hidden world that is uncovered. Look back at the beach and the rocks. Now you can understand why the tides are not measured by just a couple of feet. The highest tides in the world-a remarkable sight to see!
Other activities at Fundy National Park

Keji's rare petroglyphs © Parks Canada

Mists of Time

Your footsteps are all you'll hear as you walk along the misty shore of Kejimkujik Lake. Imagine Mi'kmaw children playing and men fishing. Follow your guide as she directs you to one of Keji's rare petroglyphs-an ancient image of two men in a birchbark canoe, etched in stone. Then listen as she tells you the compelling story of her people and the cultural landscape that is now part of Kejimkujik.
Other activities at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

The great epic

Big adventures and epic journeys roll in with the waves in Atlantic Canada. That's the way it has always been. More than a thousand years ago the Vikings landed here and in the 1700s this is where Britain and France struggled for control of North America. Listen carefully to the gentle ocean breezes and you may hear the story of the epic saga of the Acadian people. Or the distant sound of the first trans-Atlantic wireless signal.

Sagas and shadows © Parks Canada

Sagas and Shadows

Raise your glass with a Viking for an evening of heroic and tragic tales from the Viking Sagas. Let the kitchen fire warm you as our Viking interpreters lead you on an expedition of adventure and exploration through storytelling.
Other activities at L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

The Story of Anne

Discover the rural setting of late 19th-century Cavendish through the eyes of world-renowned author L.M. Montgomery. Explore the farmhouse that inspired Montgomery to pen her beloved novel Anne of Green Gables. Wander through the Haunted Wood to the site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home. The whispers of the author and her beloved characters can still be heard throughout this magical landscape.
Other activities at Green Gables Heritage Place

© Parks Canada

Benefitting Humankind

Be inspired by the creative spirit of this world-famous inventor. You'll discover how teaching deaf children to speak led Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone. Marvel at his experiments with flight and his development of a record-setting hydrofoil boat. Meet his close-knit family through fascinating historic photos. Then test your ingenuity in a kite-making workshop and experiment program or participate in a behind the scenes White Glove Tour.
Other activities at Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

Heartbeat of Acadie © Parks Canada

Heartbeat of Acadie

Visit the rich lands where many Acadians settled and transformed the landscape. Feel the heartbeat of Acadie and the resilience of its people. Immerse yourself in the world of Grand-Pré. Follow a guided tour through the gardens as it carries you back in time, before the troubled era of the Great Deportation. The newest UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Other activities at Grand-Pré National Historic Site

Signal Hill © Parks Canada

More Than Just a View

Stand atop Signal Hill and let your soul be stirred by the crack of muskets, the roar of cannon fire and the smell of black powder. Discover how British and French soldiers fought and died here, and later, Canadian and American soldiers stood together to defend this continent, glorious and free. The powerful history of this battleground will move you.
Other activities at Signal Hill National Historic Site

The Pleasure of Togetherness

Smiling faces around a crackling campfire under a full moon - the sound of voices laughing. A special spirit surrounds moments like this at Parks Canada places throughout Atlantic Canada. Forged by a rugged and powerful landscape this spirit of togetherness lies at the very core of the collective imagination of the people who live here. It's something they take great pride in, something they take great pleasure in sharing with everyone who visits.

Lagoon life - catch and release! © Parks Canada / Dave Wilson

Lagoon Life - Catch and Release!

Help your family uncover the natural mysteries of a lagoon and its inhabitants. Journey through the sheltered, shallow and sandy-bottom salt water and see snails, sticklebacks and sand shrimps along with several other species. Capture creatures in your dip net. Examine, identify and release them. You'll be fascinated as you gain a new and satisfying understanding of nature when you "catch and release."
Other activities at Kouchibouguac National Park

© Parks Canada / Dave Wilson

Share Simple Moments

Under a canopy of stars, relax and unwind with friends and family at the campfire circle. Tell some tall tales about your day's activities in the park. Roast marshmallows and sing songs as you snuggle under a cozy blanket. Let the simple pleasures of this gathering create warm memories of your visit to Terra Nova.
Other activities at Terra Nova National Park

© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Awaken Your Senses

Delight in the sight of gently waving marram grass atop a magnificent sand dune. Feel waves crashing at your feet as you stroll into a picturesque sunset. Listen to the sounds of shorebirds. Savour an evening picnic by the seaside. Smell salt water mingled in the summer breeze. Feel your soul rejuvenate and your senses awaken on the beaches of Prince Edward Island National Park.
Other activities at Prince Edward Island National Park

© Parks Canada

Climbing to New Heights

Plan an exhilarating adventure in the hiking capital of Canada. Twenty-six trails will take you over 150 km of diverse terrain: ocean coastlines, panoramic peaks, the rare taiga forest, and splendid waterfalls. Climb 5000 feet and burn 40,000 calories spotting moose, eagles and whales along the way. Cape Breton's magnificent northern shore and the incredible plateaus on the world-renowned Cabot Trail await you.
Other activities at Cape Breton Highlands National Park

© Parks Canada

Take Your Breath Away

Magnificent views across ancient mountains that plunge into the ocean. Rugged tundra and green meadows. Sand beaches and fjords. Walk across a piece of the earth's mantle that emerged from the depths of the ocean. Feel the inspirational power of these spectacular, practically timeless surroundings. Hiking in Gros Morne National Park is an exercise in contrasts, every one breath-taking!
Other activities at Gros Morne National Park