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Western Canada

Spectacular glaciers and mountainous landscapes, unspoiled wilderness, ancient moss-covered mortuary poles, water that percolates upwards in hot springs, men and women who roped, wrangled and rode their way into cowboy history. The national parks and national historic sites of British Columbia and Alberta are guaranteed to stir your emotions.

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1,2,3, GO!

Stow the electronics and pack up the kids! It's time to get out and get active with your family, at a price everybody can afford. The little ones will beg to come back again and you'll be happy to oblige when you see how quickly they conk out after a day of outdoor fun. Now that’s awesome!

Children  Carrying Fur Bale Carrying fur bales at Fort Langley
© Parks Canada / M. Boland

Join the Company of Adventurers!

Families wanted! Step right up! Bring your sense of adventure, become an 1800’s Hudson’s Bay Company worker. Dress up! Try out blacksmithing, barrel-making or trading. Be the boss, the one who declares British Columbia a new colony. Pick up your Xplorers book at the trade window to begin your adventure.

Fort Langley National Historic Site

Front of Cannery Learning about fishing at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery
© Parks Canada / Kelly Jill

Fishy Business!

Do you know where your seafood comes from? Pick up an Activity Guide to learn about diverse west coast fishing practices. Families put on your ‘thinking hats’ to answer questions on how different types of fish and shellfish are caught. Discover these in the museum, as well at various sites throughout the historic fishing village of Steveston.

Gulf of Georgia National Historic Site

School group wagon ride Taking a wagon ride at Bar U Ranch
© Parks Canada / Deb Pigeon

Escape to the Country

Take a wagon ride along the crystal waters of Pekisko creek. Listen to the creak of the leather harness and clip clop of the horses’ hooves. Further away hear the ring of the blacksmiths hammer. Step into the cookhouse for the aroma of ginger cookies that tickle your nose. It feels so good here you won’t want to go home.

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

Family FunTipi Camping Exploring a teepee in Waterton Lakes
© Parks Canada

Wake up to Natoosi, the rising sun!

Drive into Waterton Lakes National Park, head to your very own Blackfoot-style tipi. En route, your child points out the window “look, a bear, a cub!” You pull over, grab the camera, take some amazing shots without leaving the safety of your car. The kids make lists of all the things they want to see and do, first, camping in the tipi!

Waterton Lakes National Park

Young girl on bike Mountain biking in Mount Revelstoke
© William Eaton Photography

Take Your Kids Mountain Biking

Kids take on a new bike playscape! Try out the junior skills trail for the youngest and great single track for the teens. Ride as far as you want through the forest of giant cedars with connections to other nearby trails . When you’re done, a quick downhill to the outdoor cafes in town.

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Want a print version? Download the visitor guide for Western Canada (PDF 6.3 MB) or order your free copy by calling 1-888-773-8888.