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Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is a humpback whale diving deep off Terra Nova. It's the mighty tides of Fundy, and the grizzled face of a fisherman living what is real as he stares at the North Atlantic. It's a place where the epic struggles and grand sagas of nature have been playing out for billions of years - a place with a cultural landscape so unique that the very air you breathe seems to pulse with mystery and intrigue. pulse with mystery and intrigue.

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Need a break from the stress of everyday life? Gather the family and head to a Parks Canada place near you. Our wonderful staff can guide you through our amazing natural spaces and tell you all about the story of Canada. Moments to cherish forever!

Highlander and young boy chatting 19th century mysteries at the Halifax Citadel
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Save the Fort!

Take the challenge and solve the 19th-century mystery. As a newly minted member of the British military, search high and low through the formidable Citadel to find the six clues that will save the fort! Hooray – you’ve saved the day and had the best time ever!

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Canon fire with soldiers around it Having a blast in Louisbourg
© Parks Canada / I. Harte

Become a Cannoneer

Live the life of a colonial French artillery student and fire a cannon! Visit the Fortress of Louisbourg as one of its residents. After your costume fitting, you’ll be ready to learn all about cannons and siege warfare.

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Young family cycling near the sea path Put your pedal to the metal in PEI
© Parks Canada / J. Sylvester

Cycling by the Sea

Explore the stunning landscape of PEI’s North Shore by cycling the Gulfshore Parkway. The fully-paved cycling path winds its way past iconic red sandstone cliffs, panoramic dunescapes, an iconic lighthouse and six of the park’s breathtaking beaches. With the warm summer breeze at your back and the sounds of the sea all around you, you’ll love the trip as much as the destination!

Prince Edward Island National Park

Hand near a petroglyph Admiring petroglyphs from the past in Kejimkujik
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Traces of the past

Walk along the shore of Kejimkujik Lake and imagine the sounds of Mi’kmaw children playing and men fishing. Take in one of Keji’s rare petroglyphs – an ancient rock carving depicting an image of two men in a birch bark canoe. Listen as a Mi’kmaw guide shares with you the story of her people and the cultural landscape that is now part of Kejimkujik.

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Anne of Green Gables waves to young visitors in a horse bugs Reliving Anne’s story in Green Gables
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

The Story of Anne

Visit Green Gables Heritage place to see where L.M. Montgomery found the inspiration to write one of Canada’s greatest novels. At this 19th-century farmstead, images from the story are wound together with the very real experience of L.M. Montgomery’s life. See if you can spot a certain redhead as you’re strolling down lover’s lane!

Green Gables Heritage Place

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